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A Basic Computer Repair Price List

A Basic Computer Repair Price List

When it comes to repairing your computer, the costs can add up quickly. The computer repair price list can vary based on a number of factors, from whether you own a Mac or a PC to the extent of the damage or problem. Some problems are simple and easy to repair, while others may be more costly. This simple computer repair price list will help you get an idea of what to expect.

If you need to repair or replace an internal component of your computer, you can expect the cost of items like a new motherboard, CPU, hard drive or CD-ROM drive to range greatly. A simple installation may be as low as $30, while full installation and formatting of a new hard drive can range up to $200 or more, depending on the price of the hard drive itself.

For cleanup of viruses and spyware, you can expect a computer repair price list that includes a flat fee as well as a diagnostic fee. This can range from a total of $100-200. In cases where the repair person comes to your home or office, you may also pay an extra fee for that service.

One of the most expensive services you may encounter on the computer repair price list is a data recovery service. This is usually performed to retrieve data from a damaged hard drive. It can range from $350 into the thousands depending on the extent of the damage and how difficult it is to recover.

The computer repair price list varies between different repair shops and based on other factors involved in the repair. Most repair shops will provide you with a computer repair price list upon request. This way you can compare the price lists from various shops to decide who will provide the best deal.

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