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A Basic Guide to Catering Prices

A Basic Guide to Catering Prices

By their very nature, catering prices have a wide variation. They can be relatively affordable or extremely expensive depending on the type of food, the amount of people you need to serve and the quality of taste, presentation and culinary style you select. Catering prices also differ from area to area and for different types of food or events.

Catering prices for food from local basic eateries such as a submarine sandwich shop or similar location are generally in the most reasonable range. Even large chain sandwich shops offer catering services that can be an affordable solution for office meeting catering or small luncheon gatherings. They are also a great choice for birthday parties for adults and children alike. The catering prices for this type of food ranges depending on the number of people you want to feed and your area, but you can expect to pay around $5-6 per head.

Catering prices for food that is more elegant can quickly rise into double digits per person. There are a wide variety of cuisines and styles available for catering for classy events such as weddings, parties and other celebrations. Catering prices for full meals served by the plate are generally the most expensive, while choosing a buffet style option may be a little more affordable. Catering prices for fancy events can cost $40 per person or even more depending on what you want to serve. Foods like chicken are more affordable while seafood tends to be pricier.

Catering prices can vary widely, and you should get multiple quotes on food for your event before you make a decision. Remember that if you want high quality, you will probably pay a little more for it, but there are plenty of great catering places that offer very reasonable prices for great food – you just need to shop around.

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