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A Brief Guide to Conveyor Scales

A Brief Guide to Conveyor Scales

At the most basic level, conveyor scales are simply a belt conveyor that can weigh items while they are being transported on the surface.  This allows you to weigh items while they are in motion, or stop and wiehg before moving on They allow you to skip step and avoid moving items from the scale to the conveyor and back again.  Conveyor scales have a wide variety of applications and come in various sizes and weight capacities.

The size you will need depends on the width of the items you need to weigh on the conveyor scale.  There are a variety of belt widths that can accomodate just about any size package.  If you have to weigh items of different sizes and weights regularly, than a wide belt is probably a good choice so you won’t run into problems.  You should also ensure that the scale itself can handle the amount of weight you need to put on it.  Heavy duty conveyor scales are available for even the most heavy of packages.

Conveyor scales are designed to run smoothly and offer the most accurate of weights while in motion.  If you require a greater degree of accuracy on the weight, however, you will want to consider a stop motion conveyor scale that can get a good, accurate weight on the item by stopping it for a moment and weighing it still.  This does take a little longer than a weigh in motion system will, so if you don’t need as much accuracy but need speed, then you will probably do well with a weigh in motion system.

Conveyor scales only weigh in one section of the belt.  Items are moved across the belt and are weighed as they pass over the scale portion of the belt.  This section is usuallt a relatively small part of the whole system.  You can purchase a scale that is larger if you need more scale surface to get bigger items weighed.  

Most conveyor scales are built to the specifications of the buyer, although you can obtain them pre-built and ready to use as well.  This choice depends on what your needs are and how specific your weighing goal is.  For many people the extra cost of choosing the particular components you want is well worth it.  But if you just need a simple weigh in motion system, most basic conveyor scales will handle the job well.

Conveyor scales can streamline the process of weighing and loading up products and packages for shipping or delivery to retail stores, as well as a variety of other purposes.  They are easy to use and will make life a lot easier for your staff, with less lifting and carrying of heavy boxes.  

The many manufacturers of conveyors scales generally sell their products directly, so you can contact them for more information and to get an estimate on a conveyor scale that will meet your particular needs.  It is best to deal directly with the company on this kind of unit.

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