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A Buyer’s Guide to Baseball Socks

A Buyer’s Guide to Baseball Socks

Whether you’re looking for baseball socks for your children or yourself, you should not be surprised to find a wide range of options.  There are also plenty of options in terms of where to find baseball socks, for good prices.  Follow along to learn about the different types of baseball socks you can purchase, as well as the best places to find them.

A brief history lesson is in order to understand the evolution of baseball socks.  Up until the mid-1990s, as you may remember, baseball stirrups (uniform socks) were worn.  This was due to the fashion of wearing knickerbockers by baseball players as early as the 19th century.  Yet when the mid-90s hit, major league players began wearing pants to their ankles – the current fashion – which trickled down to many levels.

Today it isn’t out of the question to still have stirrups.  However, it is not the normal fashion.  You would be well-advised to check with the league or team in regards to any preferred fashion for baseball socks

Make sure that you are aware of not only the type of sock that is to be work, but color requirements as well.  If you or your child is in any type of a league that has uniforms, there will likely be some.  A specific team color (or just white, for instance) may be needed for the sock.

Speaking of stirrups, as addressed earlier, a popular trend is to wear combination socks that simply emulate stirrups of years past (one sock that includes the stirrup look).  This is commonly seen in youth and high school players.  If your child’s team, or your team, uses knickers with some type of stirrup look, you can purchase these socks if you don’t want to mess with the traditional stirrup.

Another popular option is the single colored sock.  These are typically knee-high socks that are in one solid color, normally the primary color of the team.  Worn with knickers or pants that come down to the ankle, this completes the major types of baseball socks that you may need to purchase.

After you have determined which type of baseball socks you will need to purchase, the next task is of course finding them.  This is however not a difficult task, as there are plenty local and web-based options that you can utilize in finding the right baseball socks.

Check your local sporting goods stores for baseball socks.  This is perhaps your easiest local source for baseball socks.  Additionally, you may have a sports uniform store somewhere in your area, where custom baseball jerseys and other products are made.  Be on the lookout for stores like these.

If you don’t find something in your area, an easy choice is the Internet.  There are plenty of online sporting goods stores that carry a very wide range of baseball socks.  With their sizing charts, it is very easy to order baseball socks online.

Take advantage of these sources when it comes time to buy baseball socks.  Make sure that you are clear on any color and type of baseball socks that are needed.

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