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A Buyer’s Guide to HP Flatbed Scanners

A Buyer’s Guide to HP Flatbed Scanners

Has time finally run out for your ancient scanner? What should you look for now that it’s time to upgrade? HP flatbed scanners are great, but with many styles to choose from, it can be a bit daunting.


All of these scanners are compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS X, connectible by USB 2.0 and are ENERGY STAR qualified. HP has spent a great deal of time on the integrated control panels to allow users a fast and easy quick start use of copy and scan and on select models the ability to scan to email, scan document  to file or even file onto the network. 


For basic home use the Scanjet G3110 HP flatbed scanners will handle standard document scanning but lacks high definition detail when scanning pictures or slides.

If you are more graphically oriented or need to transfer that old box of slides that you have taking up room in the garage then Scanjet G4050 Photo HP flatbed scanners are the way to go as it will handle up to fourteen 35mm slides at a time and can scan up to 4800 dpi.

The hands down best image scanner are the Scanjet 8300 Professional Image HP flatbed scanners. These scanners have the capability of scanning 25 pages per minute and an amazing 50 images per minute. Also in the forefront is the media transfer rate of 35mm slides but can also accommodate large format films of 4 x 5 inches with the transparent materials adapter.

For offices that need to scan and email large stacks of paperwork, HP does it effortlessly. Many have Auto Document Feeds that you can load, select a destination and walk away and not worry about if your client received the files via email or you can even have it auto sort and store them on your network.

The entry level Scanjet 5590 HP flatbed scanners will handle up to 8 pages per minute or 4 images per minute from the 50 page max loader and has a nice streamlined interface.

A good middle ground choice are the Scanjet N6350 HP flatbed scanners as they speed through at a rate of 15 pages per minute or 6 images per minute but they have one rather unique feature: Network capability via the built in Ethernet port.

The kings of the office, however, are the Scanjet N9120 Document HP flatbed scanners. This unit effortlessly powers through a stack of 200 papers at a 50 pages per minute and 100 images per minute! It also is the only HP flatbed scanner that can handle the largest paper size of 11.7 x 34 and has a scanner bed that accommodates 11.7 x 17 documents.


The price difference between models starts out at $109.99 for the basic home models to a hefty $3,999.99 price tag for high end users.

The thing to remember is that depending on your needs and productivity demands the right HP flatbed scanner model will save you money very quickly.

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