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A Buyer’s Guide to Large Charcoal Grills

A Buyer’s Guide to Large Charcoal Grills

Who doesn’t love the smell of cooking outdoors on a warm summer’s evening using a charcoal grill? Grilling is not just a much healthier method of cooking, but it can be a wonderful way to spend time outdoors with your friends and your family members. Large charcoal grills can provide grill enthusiasts with the room to grill several items at once when hosting a backyard barbeque or simply fire up a few burgers for a small family dinner.

Charcoal vs. Gas

When you start out on your mission to purchase a large charcoal grill, you are sure to find many people trying to persuade you to look into purchasing a gas grill in lieu of one that uses charcoal. Grilling traditionalists will often encourage fellow enthusiasts to use a charcoal grill however the decision is generally one that is largely dependent on your personal tastes and usage of the grill.

Charcoal grills are much simpler to use and they are much more budget friendly – a large charcoal grill can be stored in the garage for months without the need to pay special attention to a take of gas.

Selecting Your Grill

There are many makers of charcoal grills on the market, including makers who offer the lower-end grills suitable for camping trips, or for those who are on a more modest budget, and the high-end grills that include one or more additional features like a smoker.

The grill that you select should not just fit neatly into your allotted budget but it should also meet all of your grilling needs. If it comes down to a choice between a smaller grill that offers additional features but at a higher price, or a large charcoal grill that is simplified and more budget friendly you would generally be better served by purchasing the larger grill. Many grilling experts will agree that it is much better to have additional grilling space than to have a shelf to hold grilling utensils!

Buying Guide

When you get ready to purchase your large charcoal grill there are several things that you should take into consideration before making your final decision.

  • Be sure that you purchase a grill that is made by a company with a solid reputation and a recognizable name like Weber. Ensure that your selected grill offers a good warranty so that you can grill without worrying about something going irreparably wrong.
  • Carefully select features that will help you to get the most out of your large charcoal grill – a work surface and storage can help to provide you with much more in the way of convenience. However, try to stay away from features that are simply bells and whistles that you won’t find useful.
  • Another thing to take into consideration is to do a bit of research into the ease of assembly; a grill that takes hours and special tools to assemble can prove to be a bit of a headache for a grilling enthusiast looking to fire up a couple of burgers. If you opt for a large charcoal grill with many fancy features you may want to look into having your grill assembled by a pro for a small fee!

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