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A Buyer’s Guide to Slim Reading Glasses

A Buyer’s Guide to Slim Reading Glasses

Non-prescription, slim reading glasses are eyeglasses that help correct your vision through magnification. They are available in a variety of strengths, are made for both men and women, and come in various styles. The slender size makes them easy to carry in a purse, pocket, vehicle console or glove compartment. Most slim glasses come pre-packaged in a protective case or a storage tube to help keep the lenses scratch free.

Slim reading glasses are a lighter weight alternative to traditional, over-the-counter reading glasses, which can be quite large. Frame styles range from inconspicuous, to eye-catching; choose metal, plastic, rimless, half rims, or foldable frames. Lenses are usually clear plastic, but they also come with an anti-glare coating, tinted, or in several stylish colors. Just be sure to inspect them very well, because plastic lenses can have minute bubbles or debris trapped inside of them.

When choosing a pair of slim reading glasses strength comes before style; it can vary slightly from brand to brand or even style to style. Make certain that you have an idea of the strength you need, and then choose a style to match your personality, the shape of your face, and your particular needs. Because the lenses on compact reading glasses are smaller, they may not be the best option for avid readers. That is because some people find it difficult to focus through a narrow lens for an extended period of time.

The half rim style is great for multi-tasking, because wearing them lower on the nose allows you to look down to read, and over the top for unobstructed distance vision. However, moving them down the nose can increase magnification, so choosing a weaker power may be required.

As with most reading glasses, slim ones are relatively inexpensive, although prices can vary from one style to another. You will find them at dollar stores, drug stores, online, or just about anywhere eyeglasses are sold. Lesser-priced brands do not usually include a case, however buying one separately may end up costing about the same as a slightly more expensive pair that does. Depending on the brand, prices can range from a few dollars to upwards of fifty-dollars.

Many people like slim reading glasses, but they are not perfect for everyone. Conversely, if you are frequently on the go or buying replacements due to scratches or breaks, a slim style could be the perfect solution. The compact size and protective case makes them perfect for anyone on the go, and because they are so affordably priced you can keep one pair at home, another at work, and yet another in your car.

Bottom line; slim reading glasses are functional, stylish, and affordable. Look for effectiveness, comfort, and style instead of a particular brand. A pair purchased at your local drug store can be just as reliable and stylish as an expensive pair that has a national brand or celebrity logo on the package. After all, how well they work and make you feel while wearing them, is all that matters.

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