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A Buyer’s Guide to Swiss Gear Luggage

A Buyer’s Guide to Swiss Gear Luggage

Swiss Gear Luggage is a line of high quality luggage that is affordable and durable.  All of the pieces in the Swiss Gear luggage collection are designed to improve your travel experience, from making it possible to carry on more to making sure checked luggage is safe and secure on the journey.  Swiss Gear luggage is built to stringent specifications that ensure every piece meets and exceeds the expectations of even frequent travelers.

Swiss Gear Luggage is available in single pieces or in convenient luggage sets.  The various pieces can be mixed and matched to create just right combination of luggage for your needs.  Whether you are taking a quick weekend trip for personal reasons, or need to travel for business, there is a perfect Swiss Gear luggage piece for your needs.

The Swiss Gear luggage Zurich collection is one of the most popular collections available from the company.  The Zurich collection is made up of a variety of different sized luggage pieces including full sized roller bags, carry on roller bags and duffel bags.  The 20” carry on roller bag is probably the most popular piece in the collection, being the perfect size for travelers taking short trips and not wanting to have to check luggage at the airport.  Other roller bags in the collection are the 24” and the 28” versions which are larger and carry more.  The Zurich Swiss Gear luggage collection is available in both black and silver.

Two other popular lines of Swiss Gear luggage are the Geneva and the Lugano.  Both offer roller bags in several sizes, and the carry on bags are designed to be pilot type carry on bags that are often carried by the crew of the aircraft.  They are compact but are designed to fit as much as possible into a small space, making it easier to get everything you need into one bag.  Finally, the Aubonne collection of Swiss Gear Luggage includes the standard pieces as well as a convenient rolling duffel bag, great for when you need a small bag and don’t want to pack a suitcase.  This small bag is a great choice for toiletry items and cosmetics, or even as an overnight bag.

Swiss Gear luggage is popular because it is durable, well made and also affordable.  Sold by major retailers such as Target, Swiss Gear luggage is easily accessible and allows those on a budget to still get great luggage without spending a huge amount of money.  All Swiss Gear luggage is designed to comply with TSA regulations and the carry on roller bags will easily fit into overhead compartments of most aircraft, making it easy to travel without the hassle of checking your bags.

With the many collections and the various sizes available, the pieces available from Swiss Gear luggage are sure to meet all of your travel needs, whether you are a business traveler or an international jet-setter.  Your luggage will get there in one piece and in style when you choose Swiss Gear luggage.

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