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A Buyer’s Guide to the Nescafe Coffee Machine

A Buyer’s Guide to the Nescafe Coffee Machine

The single serve coffee maker has become the latest trend in the world of home coffee brewers.  The Nescafe Coffee Machine is one of the newest to hit the market, competing with such big names in the area as the Keurig and Tassimo single serve brewers.  Nescafe is a name that is well known to all coffee lovers, and the famous brand has thrown their hat into the single serve ring with the Docle Gusto Nescafe Coffee Machine.  Is it the right single cup brewer for you?  Get all the details to make the right decision.

Manufactured by Krups for Nescafe, the machine itself is a modern looking brewer that will look good sitting on your counter top.  Much like the other brewers on the market, it uses proprietary coffee capsules to brew one cup at a time.  The Nescafe Coffee Machine has a wide variety of available coffee flavors for the Dolce Gusto machine, including lattes, cappucinos and mochas.  There are also plenty of plain coffee types for those who prefer their cup of coffee a little more basic.  For every taste, you will find a coffee capsule for the Nescafe Coffee Machine.

The Nescafe Coffee Machine allows you to easily adjust the strength of your cup of coffee using a custom control lever to make your coffee just right.  The 15 bar pressure system is much like that used by professional baristas to create the right mix of coffee and water for the perfect cup.  Because each capsule contains its own particular coffee flavor, you won’t have any crossover between the first cup and the last, even if you brew entirely different coffees.  There is no messy cleanup, simply remove the used capsule and toss it.  No filters, no wet coffee grinds, no mess.  

There is a manual hot or cold option on the Nescafe Coffee Machine that even lets you make your coffee steaming hot or iced, however you prefer it.  With the touch of a button you can move from one cup to the next.  If you live in a home where everyone has their own coffee preference, the Nescafe Coffee Machine will make life a lot easier.  No more brewing a pot of decaf for the one person who wants it; instead simply brew up a fresh, hot single serving whenever you need one.

Price-wise, the Nescafe Coffee Machine is on par with many of the other single serving coffee brewing choices.  The cost of the capsules is definitely higher than buying a bag of coffee, but if you don’t drink a lot of coffee you will find it not too expensive.  You will also avoid throwing away wasted coffee that no one drank on the bottom of the pot.  Because you make your coffee only when you need it, you will also never get a cup of coffee that has been sitting too long or gotten cold.

The Nescafe Coffee Machine is a great choice for people who want to be able to make a wide variety of coffee house style beverages right at home

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