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A Buyer’s Guide to the Sauder Desk

A Buyer’s Guide to the Sauder Desk

Are you currently in the market for a quality desk or work station—one that is both stylish and durable and won’t cost you a fortune?  If so, you may want to check out the enormous value you’ll receive when you purchase a beautiful Sauder desk.  In this article we will introduce you to the Sauder Company and show you some of the great desks that are part of their very expansive line of furniture products.

About the Sauder Company

The Sauder Company is known throughout the world as the leader in ready-to-assemble furniture products.  Although the Sauder Company has been around since 1934, it wasn’t until 1951 that they began dabbling in ready-to-assemble furniture.  Then, in 1954, the founder of the Sauder Company was granted a patent for the first ready-to-assemble piece of furniture—an end table that snapped together in minutes and could be transported anywhere throughout the world.  From there, the company completely changed its focus and made ready-to-assemble furniture its main product line.  Today Sauder manufactures a whole line of ready-to-assemble furniture products including bookcases, television stands and the subject of this article:  desks.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Sauder Desk

The Sauder Company has many ready-to-assemble desks to choose from, and while the following list is by no means an exhaustive record of all they have to offer, it should give you some idea about the vast selection you can choose from.  Here’s a small sample of their desk inventory:

  • Computer Desk.  The Sauder computer desk features a flip-down back panel and a slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf.  The two large drawers to the right are very spacious and boast Sauder’s patented T-lock assembly.  Colored in antique white or wood finish, with your choice of white or metal knobs, this computer desk looks great in any work space.
  • Computer Desk with Hutch.  The Sauder computer desk with hutch has all the features of the computer desk listed above, but also an expansive overhead storage system in which you can keep books or other important papers.  This desk comes in a soft-white finish and is the perfect choice for both students and office professionals.
  • Writing Desk.  With the popularity of computers and the Internet, writing desks have become less popular, but fortunately, Sauder has kept the tradition of the writing desk alive.  This beautiful desk features a large work space with a small left hand drawer just large enough to store your paper and writing implements.
  • Corner Computer Desk.  When space is an issue, there is no better solution than Sauder’s corner computer desk.  This beautiful desk features a cherry wood finish and fits snugly into any corner.  With two large drawers to the right and a CPU cabinet to the left, you’ll be able to organize your office without taking up precious wall space.

This is just a small sample of the many quality desks offered by the Sauder Company.  If you’re looking for a desk which is both functional and durable, yet still stylish enough to brighten any room or office, you can bet the Sauder Company has just what you’re looking for.

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