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A Buyer’s Guide to the Spacesaver Elliptical

A Buyer’s Guide to the Spacesaver Elliptical

The elliptical machine has become just as popular as the treadmill, if not more so, in recent years due to the low impact workout it provides.  The Spacesaver elliptical machine is the perfect elliptical for those who want to work out at home but don’t have a great deal of room to keep a large exercise machine.  Manufactured by ProForm, a leader in the exercise equipment industry, the Spacesaver elliptical folds up for easy storage and to take up much less space than either a treadmill or a regular elliptical.  This means you can use it in a smaller room where keeping it out would have been a problem, and simply fold it away when you are done.

The Spacesave elliptical features all of the things you might want in an elliptical machine.  It has an LED screen that lets you monitor your progress, which runs on batteries so you don’t have anything to plug in, and also don’t have to worry about moving a cord when you fold it up after use.  It offers multiple programs that let you reach your exercise goals quickly and easily.  It also has heart rate monitors that let you see where your heart rate is at just by grasping the handles.

The Spacesaver elliptical uses magnetic resistance to provide a fat burning workout that is also incredibly quiet.  This makes it the perfect machine for anyone who works out early in the morning before the rest of the house is awake, or for anyone who is trying to work out while the baby is sleeping.  You can adjust the magnetic resistance at the touch of a button.

The Spacesaver elliptical is safe around children as it requires adult strength and motor skills to release the bottom half of the elliptical.  This means your child won’t be able to release it and be injured by the elliptical opening accidentally.  It is easy enough for an adult to open up, however, and also easy to fold up after use.  When folded, the footprint of the Spacesaver elliptical is about half that of when it is unfolded, a serious space saving feature.  Certainly the Spacesaver elliptical lives up to its name.

Falling in the mid-range price wise for home elliptical machines, the Spacesaver elliptical is an affordable choice for most people.  It is stable and reliable, and easy to maintain.  The only real cost associated with ownership is replacing the batteries on the screen.  The frequency of this will depend on how often the elliptical is used.

If you are looking for the perfect elliptical machine for your small home or apartment, look nor further than the Spacesaver elliptical.  It offers a great workout without taking up a ton of space, and will save you plenty of money over a gym membership in the long run.  Having an elliptical machine at home is a great way to get on track with fitness, and to stay on track.  The Spacesaver elliptical makes it possible for even those with limited space to see those results.

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