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A Buyer’s Guide to the Water Bra

A Buyer’s Guide to the Water Bra

Lingerie designers have come up with a multitude of different ways to create more lift and better shape for women through their bras.  The water bra is one of the most interesting and unique ideas to come from these designers over the years.  Unlike other push up bras, the water bra has a much more natural feel that is not stiff or uncomfortable,  It also creates a very natural look when worn under just about any clothing, even thin t-shirts or dresses.

Why A Water Bra

Just as the name implies the water bra uses a water filled cup to achieve natural looking lift in a variety of different styles and sizes.  Most traditional push up bras use a synthetic filling to push the breasts up inside the bra.  This can feel very stiff, especially when another person comes into contact with the bra such as when you hug a friend or family member.  The water bra, on the other hand, imitates the more pliable feel of the skin and the breast itself and avoids this stiff feeling.  When you hug someone, it won’t feel so much like you are wearing a push up bra, which gives a much more natural feel.

Care of Your Water Bra

The water bra is also a natural choice for use in the push up bra.  It does however have some special handling instructions you should keep in mind.  The water bra can not be washed in a traditional washing machine or put into a dryer.  Instead you should follow the hand washing directions carefully and let the bra air dry.  Every brand of water bra will come with its own washing and drying directions.  To keep it looking new and in the right shape, always follow those directions.

Where to Find a Water Bra

Many lingerie companies produce a water bra, including famous names like Frederick’s of Hollywood.  They have a number of different styles including a water bra that is covered with lace and a smooth, seamless t-shirt water bra as well.  The cost of the water bra, even from a big name brand, is comparable to any other push up bra on the market, so you won’t find yourself over-paying for the bra.

Once you have worn a water bra, you may find it difficult to go back to a regular push up.  The one thing that most women notice about these bras is that they are considerably heavier than the standard bra.  This is of course due to the weight of the liquid.  Once you become accustomed to the weight difference, however, you will find that the natural look and feel are comfortable and attractive as well.

The water bra is great for everyday wear as well as for that special night out when you want a little more enhancement.  Pick up an everyday variety such as the t-shirt water bra, and another fancier one for when you want to look and feel really special.  With careful wear and washing, your water bra should last a long time without needing to be replaced.  If it does wear out or is damaged, you will have to buy a new one, as the water can’t be refilled.

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