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A Guide to 2 Sided Business Cards

A Guide to 2 Sided Business Cards

If you own a business or offer any type of services to people or to other businesses, then you most likely already have a business card that contains your contact information. Business cards provide your potential customers and clients with the very first impression of your company and yourself, especially if you are in business for yourself. Therefore it is very important to make a good first impression by having 2 sided business cards.

Not many people ever think about utilizing the space on the back of their business cards. But you really should not let that space go to waste either. Having 2 sided business cards is a great way of making sure those potential clients and customers have all of your necessary information. Utilizing both sides of a business card helps by increasing awareness of your company and the services that you offer. With 2 sided business cards, one side is used to grab a person’s attention, whilst the other side provides valuable information about your business or service.

All 2 sided business cards can help maximize your marketing efforts. On the back of your business card you can provide information about an upcoming seminar or lecture. Or perhaps you are having a huge sale at your store? Placing information about that sale on the back of your 2 sided business cards should be considered as an advertising ploy to earn sale attendees; or you could offer a discount code on the back of the 2 sided cards for your online store. There are some business owners who have ingeniously turned regular looking business cards into 2 sided business cards that do double duty as both a business card and as a frequent shopper card too.

Another way in which you can effectively use the white space on the back of 2 sided business cards is by placing an appointment reminder on it. This works great if your clients have to make an appointment to see you. You could even add a calendar to your business cards to make them into 2 sided business cards. If your company is new in town, placing a small map or a list of directions to your place of business can really help bring in more customers as they won’t have to waste time getting lost driving around trying to find your business on their own. A list of services that you offer can also be listed on your 2 sided business cards. If you have fixed prices for your services or for goods that you sell, you can also list them on the back of your 2 sided business cards.

Obtaining 2 sided business cards is quite easy. You can design them yourself using an online business card company. Most of them have 2 sided business card templates that you can play around with and enter in your own information. Another option is to contact your local printing shop to help you in creating 2 sided business cards.

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