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A Guide to Acrylic Holders

A Guide to Acrylic Holders

So if you are like most business owners you have a great product or promotion literature and want it to be seen, picked up and later used to sell your product. Sounds simple right?

Unfortunately most often these are over looked if they are just laying flat on a table, book shelf or on your sales counter. They need to stand out and be seen, cry out with a booming voice to your clients to “Pick me up and buy what’s on me!” A really great way to do this is with Acrylic Holders.

You may have browsed through a catalogue and seen them or you may have yourself succumbed to the sirens call these wonders of marketing emit. But what style of Acrylic Holders will work best for your business?

Let’s start with the basics of what Acrylic Holders are exactly. These are made from Poly (methyl methacrylate) or PMMA, which is a light weight shatter resistant glass alternative. It was discovered in 1928 and brought to the market in 1933 under the name Plexiglas. Since then it has gone under other names such as Lucite and Perspex. It can be heated and shaped into a wide variety of shapes as to accommodate virtually any use that doesn’t require extreme strength. It is fairly scratch resistant after special coating is applied, can be Ultra Violet resistant, comes in a wide range of colors and can be produced at little cost.

This versatility makes it ideal for making Acrylic Holders for signs, literature, pamphlets, brochures, merchandise displays, business card holders, sale sign holders for indoor and outdoor use and much, much more.

There are several companies worldwide that produce Acrylic Holders and many offer the ability to customize one to fit your needs if a regularly made unit won’t do. Costs for this service vary depending on manufacturing needs and design complexity but even so these are fairly affordable.

Finding the right holder is important. Measure your needs and take into account how many items will need to fit into it. Look through a manufacturer’s catalogue and see if there is something that might work. Take into consideration how this will be displayed when you get it to determine how large of a footprint it will take up on your counter. There are some that can be mounted onto a wall if there is no room for a free standing unit. It is also important to consider if rather or not you may need to expand for future needs and if the unit can be added on to or if you will need to purchase another unit.

Locating used Acrylic Holders is very easy and can drive costs down even further.

Check through the phone book for used office display stores and inquire if they have any Acrylic Holders in stock. Looking online through private classifieds is another fine alternative. There are also great deals that can be had through online auction sites if you feel like a good bidding war.

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