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A Guide to AICC LMS Systems

A Guide to AICC LMS Systems

AICC LMS is an acronym that stands for Aviation Industry CBT Committee Learning Management Systems.  Within this acronym is a further acronym, CBT, which stands for computer based training.  The AICC is responible for developing standards in relation to all computer based learning and training systems.  Thus an AICC LMS is a learning management system that meets the standards laid out by the AICC.

Learning management systems are complex software system that manage, track and document training programs.  This allows for a centralized system of training that can be easily tracked and documented and offered in remote locations via online classrooms and other simlar technology.  AICC LMS learning systems follow all fo the standards of the AICC and are also referred to as AICC compliant.  In addition to the AICC, many LMS systems are also SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) compliant.  This is a further set of guidelines that controls how Learning Management Systems are designed.

A good Learning Management system will be both SCORM and AICC LMS compliant.  General standards expected in an AICC LMS are centralized and automated adminstration of the training programs, is completely self-guided and provides complete self-service for use, can bring learning content together in such as way as to provide for accelerated learning, is portable and can allow for personalization of the content and re-use across multiple training initiatives.

There are an incredible range of AICC LMS systems out there that can be used in a wide variety of areas.  They help companies to streamline learning processes as well as to document and keep accurate employee records.  The also allow for the easy management of employee training records.  There are multiple dimensions to Learning Management Systems and different versions that can meet the specific needs of any company.  

There are also many AICC LMS systems used in the educational system that allow for the newest education opportunities through remote learning.  These are often similar to the corporate versions of the systems but have some notable differences.  Educational AICC LMS systems have more of a learning path and incorporate management of instructors, students, and courses.  They also allow the integration of scoring and maintenaince and creation of transcripts for students.  The corporate environment uses training to a different end from an educational enviroment, and thus has different needs in an LMS.

Although small businesses can definitely benefit from the use of an AICC LMS, it remains a large investment in moneym time and resources that limits the use of such systems to larger businesses and educational facilities.  There are some new options which allow smaller companies to author their own LMS on top of an existing AICC compliant platform, thus allowing the creation of a more personalized system with a lesser investment.  This may well open up the market.  There are about 60 companies currently producing LMS systems, and although not all are AICC LMS compliant, it is becoming more and more common.  Compliance assures that the company purchasing and using the LMS will get the results they are seeking.

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