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A Guide to Alcohol Wipes

A Guide to Alcohol Wipes

If you have ever had a vaccination or a blood draw, you have seen alcohol wipes in action. They are most commonly used in the medical field to cleanse and sanitize the skin prior to insertion of a needle including a shot, blood draw or IV. Alcohol wipes ensure that no surface bacteria on the skin can enter with the needle and cause an infection.

Outside of the hospital or clinic, alcohol wipes can also be used in a variety of situations around the home and elsewhere. The various types of alcohol wipes have different uses, although they are much the same. Individually packaged alcohol wipes are perfect for keeping in a purse, car glove compartment or of course a first aid kit. Because they are sealed, they will not dry out and will be ready for use whenever they are needed.

If you go through a lot of alcohol wipes, you might want to consider purchasing them in a pop-up tub. This allows easy access to the wipes without having to open a little package and unfold the wipe. These can also be kept in larger first aid kits, or are great for places like day cares or preschools which might have a small first aid room or nursing station.

Alcohol wipes also come in different sizes, from small wipes like those used prior to a vaccination to larger ones that can clean a bigger area more efficiently. Keeping a variety of sizes on hand will ensure you have the right size for any situation.

Whether you keep them on hand for cleansing wounds or to sanitize food preparation surfaces, alcohol wipes are a quick, efficient and disposable choice for killing surface bacteria and preventing infection. They are a simple tool to help prevent the spread of bacteria in medical settings as well as homes, businesses and schools.

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