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A Guide to Amber Earrings

A Guide to Amber Earrings

Whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday present, or some other gift-giving event is sneaking up on you, don’t forget that jewelry is always a great fallback for a woman’s gift. If, however, you want to forego the expected, pass up the opportunity to buy the same old jewelry items. Instead, consider getting the special woman in your life something a little more unique and personalized, such as a pair of amber earrings. There are, after all, many distinct benefits to amber, which makes it an elegant, thoughtful, and stunning gift.

The first benefit to amber earrings are the lovely colors available. Amber has a wide range of hues from very light yellow to deep, rich brown. With this large of a range, amber suits many different hair and eye color combinations. Just make sure you tailor your specific amber earrings to the coloring of the recipient. Darker shades of amber go with darker complexions and hair, while lighter amber works well against a fair complexion.

Another distinct benefit to keep in mind is that amber offers a polished, clean, and refined look. Because amber is smooth and not faceted, it’s not often accused of being flashy or gaudy. This means that amber jewelry pieces are often timeless.

Amber earrings also make a particularly versatile gift because they are not restrained to one occasion. They will work equally well in both casual and dressy situations. The recipient of the earrings is sure to love them, seeing as she can pair them with a cocktail dress or a pair of jeans, and unlike chandelier earrings, or something more trendy, a classic look like amber is sure to stay in vogue for years to come.

Gift givers can also rejoice in amber earrings, because they translate well to the age of any wearer. That is to say, they are stylish on a young wearer, but they are also distinguished on an older fashion addict. This means, if you buy a pair of earrings of sufficient quality, it is likely a gift the woman can enjoy for years to come.

When searching for the perfect pair of amber earrings, don’t forget to also consider the surrounding metal. No matter the shade of the amber itself, it will look lovely against sterling silver, white gold, or yellow gold. You will simply have to keep the personal preference of the recipient in mind. Also, remember that darker hued ambers look particularly lovely in yellow gold, while lighter shades are the perfect accent for sterling silver or white gold.

There are not many pieces of jewelry that boast as much versatility as amber, and there is one last deciding factor that makes amber earrings a wonderful gift for both you and the recipient. Amber is generally inexpensive. Despite its look of refinement and high class, compared to gemstones such as opals, emeralds, or diamonds, amber is an absolute bargain, and it’s an even bigger bargain when you consider how long the earrings will last and be at the height of fashion.

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