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A Guide to Balloon Centerpieces

A Guide to Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces are a beautiful alternative to flowers for just about any occasion.  They can offer a wide variety of colors and shapes and will not wilt or die.  Balloon centerpieces are a perfect choice for anyone who is allergic to flowers or requires a centerpiece that is more hardy and invulnerable to weather conditions or damage in transit.  They are also a fun, whimsical choice that will be enjoyed by everyone.

There are a wide variety of balloon centerpieces to choose from that can suit any occasion.  They are a great choice for creating a number of matching centerpieces because they are far more uniform than flowers.  Balloons can be made to match exactly in size, shape and color and arranged in exactly the same way.  Flowers by their nature have subtle differences that can make one centerpiece look quite different from another. If you are seeking uniformity, balloon centerpieces are the perfect option.

Balloon centerpieces for weddings will add a feeling of lightness and of joy to your reception.  Using a combination of large and small balloons, you can create an elaborate centerpiece for the head table at your reception and smaller versions for the other tables.  Balloons are available in such a wide variety of colors that you can match the colors in your wedding party exactly.  Balloon centerpieces can match even better than flowers in many cases.

Balloon centerpieces are also perfect for birthday and graduation ceremonies.  You can create the perfect tribute to the honored guest by putting together their favorite colors and balloons with just the right slogan written on them to express the sentiments of the day.  Balloon centerpieces are a fun and beautiful choice for a baby shower or a bridal shower as well, making the event even more special for the mom or bride to be.  They can be changed to match any decor and suit any event.

You can make balloon centerpieces from both latex and mylar balloons, either in combination or separately.  For those who may have latex allergies, mylar is often the better choice. But if there are no allergies, combining the two can provide an interesting mix of textures that really bring the centerpiece to life.  Mylar balloons can be made in so many different shapes that they are really the best choice for adding interest to balloon centerpieces and creating the right feeling for the occasion. 

Balloon centerpieces are more durable than flowers and can maintain their beauty for many days without shoowing signs of wear.  Of course, the helium that holds the balloons up will eventually fade, but the balloons themselves can be kept for a very long time as a momento of the occasion.  They are generally more affordable than flowers as well, making them a good financial choice for the short term as well as the long term. 

Balloon centerpieces offer an alternative to flowers for multiple different occasions.  For anyone planning a celebration, considering balloons is an affordable, fun, and attractive option.

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