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A Guide to Banner Paper

A Guide to Banner Paper

Having your own printer for personal or business use can be an efficient use of resources, allowing you to print what you need when you need it at a lower cost than it would be to take the same job to a specialty printing store and paying for it to be printed for you. However, these printers can come with their own limitations, such as what can be printed – specifically, larger jobs can be harder to achieve with a personal or business printer. For instance, if you want to print a banner, printing with one of these printers would leave you awkwardly taping together individual sheets in order to make one full, cohesive paper. However, there is a product to solve this problem: banner paper.

Banner paper is specifically designed to make these longer, larger projects such as banners. While other paper comes in reams of separated eight and a half by eleven inch sheets of paper, banner paper is sold in reams of connected continuous paper. This is accomplished by each edge being perforated, making them connected but easy to disconnect wherever you need it disconnected. The paper is then folded into a ream with a back and forth fold, so that the paper can easily and smoothly move through most standard printers with any difficultly.

Once you have loaded your banner paper into your printer, you can then use a printing program to design and create your bannner. When it prints, the printer will draw up each page, keeping them connected, and print the appropriate letters, images, or details on each one. When it is done printing, you can then tear off the last page at the perforation, leaving you with a fantastic banner and your banner paper ready for the next banner to be printed.

There is usually a certain limit on how long these banners can be on banner paper. For instance, some brands can handle up to twenty sheets of paper in one continuous banner. These reams come packaged with five sets of twenty connected sheets of paper, making it easy and convenient to load into your printer and use. Twenty sheets, however, is an incredibly long banner, and you will likely find that most of your banner projects will only use half of a set at a time or less.

You can find banner paper in many different places, such as office supply stores or online. You will want to make sure that it is from a manufacturer that you trust to provide quality paper. You might check to see if the supplier that you get your normal reams of paper also provides banner paper, since you can expect the same quality of paper from them.

Buying banners is costly, and it can be hard to get them printed correctly when you leave the printing work in someone else’s hands. Making your own banners by printing them at home or at your office with banner paper allows you complete control over the appearance and quality of the project, all the while keeping your costs down. Using banner paper keeps things cheap, easy, and convenient, making life easier overall.

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