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A Guide to Basement Replacement Windows

A Guide to Basement Replacement Windows

When it comes to basement replacement windows, choosing the right ones is vital for a number of reasons. The right basement replacement window will not only provide security but protection in foul weather as well. When you are ready to replace your basement windows, be sure to do your research before you choose or install any windows in your home.

Basement replacement windows are special in that they are often at or even below ground level. This means they are both more accessible to those seeking to break in and also more vulnerable to rain and snow. If your basement replacement window are not secure or installed properly, you home could be open to burglars as well as in danger of flooding should heavy rains occur.

Good basement replacement windows need to be solid and strong. Although wood and metal framed basement windows were once popular, today vinyl framed windows are the popular choice. They are weather proof and last a long time, and also easy to install. They require little maintenance and create a good seal.

When choosing your basement replacement windows, consider how much light the window gets. If light does come in through the window, you will want to make sure it’s energy efficient while also allowing maximum light for the commonly dark and gloomy basement. You should also consider how you want the basement windows to be opened. Sliders are one possibility, while crank up windows are another. The latter was once the most popular choice, but today’s sliders generally offer a bit more security, latching better and making break ins more difficult.

To have your basement replacement windows installed, be sure to contact a professional who has experience in basement windows. They provide a unique challenge for installation, and as mentioned basement windows can be very vulnerable in many ways. Having an expert perform the installation reduces the chances that something will go wrong that results in a break in or a flooded basement.

You can install your basement replacement windows yourself if you feel confident enough, but make sure that you have talked to an expert or researched the topic fully before you get started. You don’t want to make a costly mistake that will have you wishing you had paid for the professional installation instead of the damage resulting from a poor do it yourself job. This is not to say doing it yourself isn’t possible, just be certain that you are very prepared and know what needs to be done.

Basement replacement windows are often the forgotten part of windows in a home, especially in those homes that have very small basement windows. But they can beautify your house just as much as your larger upstairs windows and also have a role to play in increasing energy efficiency and securing your home. Choosing the right windows will make certain your home not only looks great, but is safe from accidental and criminal incidents that poor basement windows can allow to happen all too easily.

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