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A Guide to Breakdown Assistance

A Guide to Breakdown Assistance

There you are, on your way home with kids and groceries packed into the car and your car breaks down. Not being mechanically inclined you have no idea what the problem could be! Stranded on the side of the road, miles away from home is not something that anyone wants. Breakdown assistance can quickly get you back on the road before the ice cream melts!

Where To Get It

There are many breakdown assistance service providers for you to select from. Some, like AAA, offer motorists more than roadside assistance. They offer discounts and other bonuses for many things, including hotels and restaurants.

Your Car’s Manufacturer

Many manufacturers of automobiles offer a form of free assistance for those who purchase one of their new cars. The coverage could be for any period of time from six months to two years. Once the policy has expired they will often offer an extended policy to customers, for a reasonable rate. Vehicle owners are under no obligation to extend this coverage so if you find yourself faced with the need to make this decision then you should carefully weigh all of your options in order to get the best deal possible.

Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company offers more coverage than just the state minimum liability coverage; you should inquire about the breakdown assistance that they may be able to offer you. Bundled with your other existing policies, you may be able to save a significant amount of money over other breakdown policies. Be certain that you understand all of the terms of the coverage so that you are not left with an unexpected deductible in the event that you need to have roadside assistance.

What It Covers

Breakdown assistance doesn’t just cover mechanical breakdowns. While you will definitely need assistance if your car suddenly sputters to a halt, there are several other types of problems that you might find yourself needing assistance with. Be certain that the policy you get will cover you in all of the potential breakdown issues that you run into.

  • A Jumpstart – if your vehicle’s battery needs to be jumpstarted in order to get you to a mechanic or safely home, then your breakdown coverage will ensure that a professional person helps to get you the jump that you need.
  • Flat Tires – while changing a flat tire is not a huge challenge for some people, there are several situations where it is just not possible for a motorist to change their own tire. Roadside assistance will quickly switch out your tires, even bringing a spare to you if you don’t have one, and get your car moving once again.
  • Towing Service – it the mechanical problems are not something that a quick jumpstart can fix then you will need a tow either to your home or to a mechanic. Breakdown assistance will ensure that your vehicle, and you, are both taken to a much safer location.
  • Fuel Refill – running out of fuel is something that we all strive to prevent but sometimes it is simply unavoidable. Your roadside assistance team will bring a small amount of gas to get and your car to the nearest gas station.

Breakdown assistance is a great idea for every motorist, no matter their age or how long they’ve been driving. Consider encouraging your older parents to look into a policy so that they are always protected when they need it most.

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