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A Guide to Cannon Floor Mats

A Guide to Cannon Floor Mats

Mud. Dirt. Gravel. Leaves. These and hundreds of other undesirable elements cover the ground and therefore ultimately end up on the bottom of your shoes as you walk around throughout the day. But they do not just stay on the bottom of your shoes, instead rubbing off on whatever surfaces your feet touch after you have picked them up. This results in ground-in dirt and stains on your car’s flooring. It is costly and time consuming to properly clean out the floor of your car, and even more costly to have someone else do it for you. It may seem that there is no way possible to restore your car’s interior to the same new-car look it had when you first got it.

Purchasing a Cannon floor mat for your car can put all these problems to rest. Floor mats are small, designed specifically to fit the shape of your car floor, fitting around pedals and bumps as needed. These can be washed with ease or even replaced without too much expense or difficulty, making them a perfect solution to keep your car’s flooring in pristine condition.

Cannon floor mats come in rubber designs made specifically for off road driving, trapping the optimal amount of tracked-in dirt and dust. These are durable, built to last through rough wear and tear, steadfastly protecting your car’s floor through the extreme wear associated with off road activities. The thick treads in these mats not only trap dirt, but also channel tracked-in water away from the pedals, collecting it at the base of the mat. A deep retaining rim there keeps it from flooding into your flooring, allowing you to later simply shake out the mat and keep your car protected from stains.

With prices starting as low as thirty dollars for a set of two front and two rear mats, the Cannon floor mats are made for quality and reliability. They are made from thick rubber for maximum durability. These mats are designed with an anti-slip pattern on the back, keeping these mats in place. There is nothing quite so frustrating as climbing into your car to discover that the floor mat has slid all the way out of place, leaving your dirty shoes directly on the car’s flooring. With the specially designed anti-slip pattern, this problem is essentially null, as these mats are particularly resistant to moving out of place.

Not only that, but Cannon floor mats are made with extra thickness at the base of the mat, making sure that the strongest part of the mat is where the mat will receive the most wear, improving the strength and durability of this product.

Cannon floor mats are made to fit models from dozens of manufacturers, including all the top car makers, ensuring that you can find the right fit for your car. Whether you have a heavy duty truck for powerful outdoor work or a compact car for light use, Cannon floor mats are sure to keep your vehicle’s interior safe from dirt and stains.

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