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A Guide to Catchy Business Names

A Guide to Catchy Business Names

When it comes to building a business that people will come to know and recognize easily, catchy business names are an important part of the equation.  The name you give to your business will be the main thing to represent it to the public.  It should tell people what sort of business it is and what kind of products or services they can expect.  But beyond just being functional, a business name needs to also be memorable.  Catchy business names ensure that when people are in need of what you provide, your business is the first name that comes to mind.

There are a few keys for coming up with great catchy business names for any company.  It takes a little time and creative thought to come up with just the right name to make your business the one people remember.  The right combination of these keys will give you the name you are seeking.

Catchy business names are often short and to the point.  A long business name is hard to remember and takes up a lot of space on signs and business cards.  This often means a smaller font will have to be used to print it as well, making it less visible.  The best catchy business names are anywhere from one to four or five words in length.  There are of course exceptions to this rule, but when it comes to naming your business, shorter is usually better.  You can always add a subtitle to the name of the business to expand on it.

Many of the catchy business names people remember use clever puns based on what the business does.  A funny use of a synonym or a play on words is a great way to make people remember your business.  A “double entendre”, or phrase that means two possible things is also a creative and interesting way to create catchy business names.

Another trick for creating catchy business names is to use alliteration.  Using the same letter at the beginning of all or most of the words in your business name will make it easier to remember.  Just make sure it’s not too much of a tongue twister, or people will find it hard to say.

Catchy business names that are very simple, one word alone, can also be very successful.  The single word business name is easy to remember and can be repeated easily in advertising.  Just be sure it is a recognizable word, as last names that are complicated to spell are not very catchy business names.

Of course, before you go ahead with any business name, you will have to make certain it is not already taken.  Once you have checked on this, you can go ahead with your new catchy business name and start having materials printed and signs made.  Take the time to really work on your business name and come up with something unique and interesting that people will remember. After all, the name of your business is there to stay, and your reputation will be attached to it.

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