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A Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters

A Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Poor cell phone reception continues to be a major problem for cell phone users. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a big city, out in the country, or even in a car, you’re bound to run into a place that has bad reception. This can be especially aggravating if the place that has poor reception is your home or apartment. In cases like that, is there anything you can do to improve reception?

In fact, there is a solution to poor reception. It’s called a cell phone signal booster, and it’s used to take a good cell phone signal, which is typically found outside your home or apartment, and amplify it to an area which is not receiving good signal, such as inside your home or apartment. It uses an external antenna placed in an area with good reception to receive the signal, then amplifies it and transmits it to the area that has poor signal using another antenna.

Depending on the cell phone signal booster, most will boost the signal from multiple cellular providers at once, but some are specific to a single carrier, especially for newer technologies like 4G LTE. Additionally, cell phone signal boosters support multiple mobile devices at the same time, except for the cradle devices, which are made for just one device at a time.

If you have a good signal outside your home or apartment, but a poor signal inside, then a cell phone signal booster is the right solution to your problem. To find the right cell phone signal booster for your situation, check out the Wilson Signal Booster website.

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