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A Guide to Centerpiece Vases

A Guide to Centerpiece Vases

Centerpiece vases turn flowers either from your garden or your local florist into a beautiful table decoration that will make your home smell heavenly.  Getting just the right look from any floral centerpiece means choosing the righ vessel to display them.  Centerpiece vases let your flowers speak for themselves but offer the right options for arrangement, height, width and of course color.

Centerpiece vases can be used in many different areas of the house.  Although dining room tables are a common choice, they are also perfect for coffee and end tables as well as fireplace mantles and bedroom dressers or nightstands.  Centerpiece vases are meant to be the main visual attraction on whatever surface they occupy.  This means that the vase itself is part of the decor and not just the flowers.  While many vases can do the job of a centerpiece, a true centerpiece vase is a work of art in and of itself. 

You can find centerpiece vases to fit any style or decor and suit any home.  Whether you have a tradtional home or a very modern design, centerpiece vases will work perfectly to let you add color and interest to any room.  The best thing about a beautiful vase is that you can change the look of the vessel simply by changing the flowers.  The same vase can go from simple and understated to lush and romantic simply by adding different flowers.

Centerpiece vases vary greatly in size and capacity.  Some are only meant to hold a single flower, making a very simple and elegant statement.  Others can hold large bouquets, while others have multiple openings to create a truly unique appearance.  Centerpiece vases can also be many different shapes, from traditional round vases to square, rectangular and even curved.  The combination of the shape, capacity, and number of openings will determine the look you can achieve in your home with any particular vase.

Centerpiece vases should be chosen to fit the space in question.  If you place one on a dining room table, ensure there is still plenty of room for people to eat their meal.  Also use caution when using candles on the table as well.  Make certain there is enough room between each flame and the flowers in the vase to be safe.  Remember that a taller vase will be easier to knock over, so use these is places where this is less likely to occur.  The vase and flowers should also fill the space and add interest without overwhelming it.  Anything too large will appear to take over the area.

Centerpiece vases can range in price from very affordable to very expensive, depending on the designer and manufacturer.  Fortunately, it is possible to use centerpiece vases in your home even when working with a budget.  There are many lower priced options to choose from.  You can even chooseto use silk flowers if you don’t want to have to change them regularly and worry about water, or if you don’t want the expense of real flowers.

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