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A Guide to Choosing Shed Windows

A Guide to Choosing Shed Windows

Outdoor buildings are great for extra storage, additional shelter, or even entertainment. Whether a shed, a barn, or a playhouse, your land can be used more effciently by the construction of an extra outdoor building. Not only that, but a well-constructed building can even increase your property value! Of course, regardless of what the structure will be used for, you will want to use an appropriate number of windows to guarantee adequate lighting. For that, you will want to explore your options with shed windows.

Shed windows come in a variety of styles and looks, so it’s easy to find the right one for your needs. For simple sheds or barns, you may enjoy some high position transom or octagonal windows. Transom windows are long, rectangular windows with a sturdy frame, designed to be positioned horizontally to illuminate the maximum area space inside your barn or shed. These may have three or even as many as seven panels with sturdy cross-pieces between each panel. This keeps the frame secure while allowing for the greatest amount of light. Octagonal windows are smaller than transoms, but provide a different aesthetic. These can look romantic or modern, and positioned high on the wall, they allow in clear daylight to illuminate the interior.

Unlike transom or octagonal windows, other shed window styles can be opened, allowing fresh air into the space. These are best for spaces where people are likely to spend a lot of time, such as a playhouse. One style is much like the traditional house window, sliding open from the bottom. These can come with screens to keep out insects while allowing fresh air circulation within the building. Another style is the crank window. These are multi-pane windows consisting of horizontal slats. A control at the side allows these slats to be cranked open, swinging them outward to allow in fresh air. This style is great for extra ventilation in sheds or barns.

If you’re seeking certain look, some shed windows are available with shutters, which come in a variety of colors. If you want a well-decorated playhouse for your children, or just a shed that is as lovely to look at as it is functional, these can provide that extra decorative touch you are looking for.

The best way to go with shed windows is to use a variety of different types. A few transom or octagonal windows at the top don’t provide ventilation, but they do bring in the best daylight. A few screened or crank windows lower will allow in sunlight while also allowing for ventilation and the circulation of fresh air inside the building.

It may be that your home already has an outdoor building, but it may be run-down or in need of a fresh, new look. Renovating the space with new shed windows is a great way to freshen up an older outdoor building. Replacing the old windows with high-quality new shed windows will help maintain temperatures and avoid moisture buildup inside your shed or outdoor building.

Whether it’s a playhouse, a shed, a barn, or some other outdoor building, lighting and ventilation are crucial. Quality shed windows will help provide those in a way that’s affordable and easy to install.

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