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A Guide to Classic Tuxedo Styles

A Guide to Classic Tuxedo Styles

Most men don’t wear a tuxedo often enough to think much about classic tuxedo styles, but when those big days in your life arrive that warrant black tie dress, it’s important to know which tuxedo will look best on you.  Most men choose a classic tuxedo for their wedding day, for the prom or for other major events such as the wedding of a child.  Younger men, however, may sometimes opt for something a little more modern.  But even though there are a few contemporary touches that have been added to the tuxedo over the years, the classic tuxedo remains the number one choice of men around the world.

The classic tuxedo is what is known as black tie: the tie is obviously black, and so is the jacket and the pants.  It is accompanied by a white shirt.  What sets a classic tuxedo apart from other suits is usually two main things.  First, the bow tie, which is generally a hallmark of the tuxedo, it is rarely seen elsewhere except perhaps on elderly professors these days.  Second, the classic tuxedo has a longer jacket and often has what are known as tails, which set the tuxedo jacket apart from the standard suit coat.

The white tie is another classic tuxedo look that is much more rarely seen.  This is generally a tuxedo that is much the same as any other aside from the tie being white instead of black.  This is often considered to be an even higher level of fancy dress than black tie, but today it has become more a matter of preference than of social consideration.

Not every classic tuxedo has tails, even though it is the most famous tuxedo style in history.  Although somewhat more modern, a cleaner cut to the tuxedo coat has been around long enough to be considered a classic as well.  Men today can easily choose between the long tails and the shorter coat and still get the classic tuxedo look.

Another common piece of the classic tuxedo look is the stain striping that appears down the side of the pant legs.  This often also appears on the sleeves of the jacket, but is not required.  The classic tuxedo look is usually completed with a flower placed in the buttonhole and a handkerchief in the the breast pocket, usually in matching colors.  For weddings, the flower and handkerchief usually match the bride’s flowers and the colors of the bridesmaids dresses, especially when worn by the groomsmen.

The classic tuxedo has not changed much over the years, and modern taste has done very little to affect the look.  It is a true measure of the tuxedo’s long standing popularity and timeless style and grace that it remains much has it has been for a long time.  While styles in women’s dress have changed dramatically, the classic tuxedo remains the gold standard of sophistication and style for the well dressed man.  Whatever your big event, you can ‘t go wrong when you choose to wear a classic tuxedo.

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