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A Guide to Daily Car Insurance

A Guide to Daily Car Insurance

As indicated by the name, daily car insurance is a short-term insurance policy that you can purchase by the day. There are plenty of reasons you might need a daily car insurance policy. If you need coverage that only lasts for a day or two, daily car insurance is the way to go.

Most people who own a car will have a regular long term car insurance policy. It is much more cost effective for a vehicle you own and are using on a daily basis. However, if you drive only occasionally or borrow a car now and then, daily car insurance is an option to consider. In some cases, people who do not qualify for or have very high rates for regular insurance policies might consider daily car insurance that they can purchase only when they need to drive in order to cut back on costs. Again, if you are driving on a regular basis, a standard term policy is the best option for you.

Daily car insurance will cover you for most of the basic coverages you would get in a standard policy. This includes liability, comprehensive and collision coverage and in some cases roadside assistance and additional coverage. It is essential to have this coverage whenever you leave your driveway, for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that it’s illegal to drive without insurance. Aside from the legality, you could be on the hook for a lot of money if you drive without coverage and have an accident. Uninsured drivers take on the full financial and legal responsibility for any accident where they are at fault. Daily car insurance can protect you from this.

When shopping for daily car insurance, you will find that each company and each state has different regulations as to who qualifies. Rates may also vary widely, so shop around and get several quotes to ensure that you are getting the best possible rate. Don’t skimp on coverage either! Damage and injuries from a car accident can easily rise into the tens of thousands of dollars. Most people can’t pay that sort of thing out of pocket – that’s why we have insurance.

Daily car insurance is not designed to be a long-term solution for coverage, so be sure to compare the cost of a daily policy to the cost of a regular one. Even if you drive less often than most people, you still might find that a regular policy is more cost effective when you add up all the premiums for daily insurance. For a one-time need, however, it will likely save you money to use a daily car insurance policy.

As with any car insurance, the rates for a daily car insurance policy will be based on a number of factors, so if you are getting quotes that seem higher than what a friend was quoted, it is likely a combination of things like driving history, the type of car you drive and the level of coverage. Remember – it’s illegal to drive without car insurance, so obtain a policy before you leave your driveway.

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