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A Guide to Different Types of Package Tracking Software

A Guide to Different Types of Package Tracking Software

For any business with a lot of packages coming and going, package tracking software is a must to ensure that everything is accounted for. Package tracking software lets you keep track of everything that comes and goes from your shipping department, as well inter-departmental mail and packages. There are several options for packaged tracking software on the market today, and they vary in price from affordable to very expensive. The right package tracking software for you depends on the size of your operation and you tracking needs.

Package tracking software is usually accompanied by a basic tool called a bar code scanner. The bar code on any given package is the key to tracking it, and all major shippers use bar codes in order to track their packages in their system. You have probably seen one of these scanners in the hands of a UPS or FedEx delivery person. A quick scan of the barcode can update its whereabouts in the system so that quick and efficient tracking information can be provided.

The bar code scanner sends the information to the package tracking software, where all of the information about the package is held. Departure date, updates as the package is in transit, and delivery confirmation can all be catalogued in the package tracking software for easy reference at any time. Most package tracking software can be used with the bar codes of all the major delivery companies including UPS, FedEx, DHL and more.

Some of the biggest names in package tracking software are Tracer Plus, Red Beam, Intelli-Track and Tek Track. All of these different systems do basically the same thing, but there are subtle differences. The Tracer Plus is a mobile tracking option that works with Window Mobile and with Palm OS, and allows for tracking of packages with just about any Smart Phone on the market. Intelli-Track is one of the most popular and widely used options for a comprehensive package tracking software kit that allows you to track internal and external mail and packages with ease.

Most of the package tracking software on the market is relatively easy to use, but as with any system there will be a learning curve. Take some time to get to know how your package tracking software functions before you start relying on it to keep track of your shipments. Making errors can prove costly to your business; that is why you want package tracking software to begin with, so be sure to use it properly and learn all the details of the system’s function to make the most of it.

Remember that package tracking software can do a lot for your business, but human error can still occur. Make sure that the handling of your packages is done carefully and bar codes are always carefully applied and matched up.

A good comprehensive package tracking software kit will run you upwards of $600, so do your research and be sure it is right for you before you spend the money. In most cases, it will prove a wise investment.

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