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A Guide to Digital Dictation Machines

A Guide to Digital Dictation Machines

Do you ever have those moments when you’re reviewing notes from an important meeting or lecture and you realize that something important was said that didn’t make it into your notes? This has likely happened to you at least once, leading to a sudden spike of panic, followed by a frantic search through the notes one more time, followed by a significant amount of time racking your brain, struggling to remember that one piece of information that you need–the one piece that you failed to write down.

It happens to all of us. Taking notes can be a difficult process. It starts out easy enough to jot things down, but as more and more information floods you, you find yourself slowing down, trying to pick out only the most crucial bits of information to write down. And as your hand begins to cramp, that slows down to even fewer things being written down. Finally you come to the point where you’re back at home, reviewing, and realizing that something very, very important was missed.

If this has ever happened to you, then it may be time to look into digital dictation machines.

Digital dictation machines are recording devices, usually small, that store the recorded information digitally instead of on microcassette. They can be a bit more expensive than microcassette recorders, but that’s because the storage is much larger, with no need to scramble to flip over a tape or put a new tape into the recorder, and because the storage is reusable. Download the recordings to your computer, erase the recorder, and use it again as if brand new.

With digital dictation machines, you can sit through your meeting or lecture with no fear of missing crucial information. If you look back through your notes and realize you missed something, you can just listen to the recording again to refresh your memory and find the missing information.

Meetings and lectures aren’t the only uses for for digital dictation machines. They can be used in casual settings as well. If you need to make a metaphorical ‘note to self,’ you can physically do exactly that, speaking quickly into the recorder and then continuing on with your day, confident knowing that you will later remember that essential task, errand, or information that you need to remember.

Creative types can find digital dictation machines useful, as well. Ideas can pop out of nowhere at the strangest times, and you want to make sure you remember that idea exactly as you had it. What better way to guarantee this than to speak it immediately, directly into a digital recorder that will replay your words back for you exactly as you speak them? Whether it’s ideas for an amazing craft project, woodworking, architectural design, interior decoratin, writing, or any other number of craft works, you can rest assured that you won’t lose that great idea to the dark recesses of memory by the time you get to a place where you can put your idea into action.

Digital dictation machines have many uses, and if you find yourself in a position of needing to remember things exactly as they happen, you may consider purchasing one of these inexpensive devices for your own use.

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