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A Guide to Dog House Door Options

A Guide to Dog House Door Options

Installing a dog house door to your dog’s house is a great way to ensure that your dog has sufficient shelter from the outdoor elements that could otherwise make him miserable – especially during the winter months. If your dog’s house is insulated then a correctly installed door can help to keep him comfortable and home.

If you own an insulated igloo-type outdoor doghouse then you may be able to find a dog house door that perfectly fits your dog’s house. Makers of igloo doghouses offer doors that have been designed to fit their offered range of doghouses. If you struggling finding one in your area pet store you may have better luck finding it on the manufacturer’s website. Failing that – give them a call or send an email to find out what options they can offer you by way of a perfect fitting dog house door.

Customized Options

Building an outdoor house for your dog can allow you to design and create a comfortable shelter for your dog that not only perfectly suits his needs but that also fits in with the overall décor of your yard. When you build your dog’s house, unless you are working from commercially available blueprints, you may find it difficult to locate a dog house door that will be a good fit.

With this in mind consider looking into either customizing your own dog house door by selecting the best materials for the job – or consider seeking out a handyman who can help you to build a great door.

Remember that in an effort to keep your dog as warm and dry as possible you should create a doghouse that has a partition between the entrance and the sleeping space. In the event that rain and snow do get into the house, the partition will work to keep your pup comfortable.


The door will need to be built of a flexible material that can be readily pushed out of the way when your dog enters into his house, yet it needs to be of a material that will not encourage rain or snow to flow directly into the doghouse during inclement weather. A heavy-duty vinyl material could just be the ideal option for your dog’s house. Vinyl, while not necessarily known as the best material for insulating a space can help to retain the heat from within the doghouse and it will be able to easily bend when the dog enters his house and will snap back into shape once the dog has passed through.

If your dog is highly intelligent and can be trained to open and shut doors, you may want to consider the installation of a proper wooden dog house door. While it may sound far-fetched, dogs can be easily trained with the use of their favorite toy or treat and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for an ambitious dog owner to teach their pup how to pull open a door (by tugging on a piece of rope for example). A wooden door will not just add to the aesthetical appeal of the doghouse but it will also do a much more efficient job at keeping him warm and dry.

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