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A Guide to Drag Rims

A Guide to Drag Rims

Racers start your engines!

The excitement in the air is almost palpable as the light tree begins its slow blinking countdown and the cars’ engines are roaring in anticipation.  Finally the green light illuminates and with a cloud of smoke erupting, the cars disappear down the strip. Or perhaps you prefer to watch another exciting drag racing scene of super tuned cars drifting at break neck speeds around the streets or through a course. But let’s be honest, it really does not matter who wins the race or how much horsepower you have, it all comes down to how good you look doing it. And one wheel brand seems to be pulling ahead of the pack: Drag Rims.

Drag rims are specially designed to handle the enormous amount of torque that is hammered onto them when the clutch is released. If they were not designed to handle the forces involved they would simply shear off of the axles and leave your car crying out like a dying dragon. And the best thing of all is they are drop dead sexy! Finding and buying Drag Rims doesn’t have to be a difficult or daunting task. In no time you will be showing off your new bling and seeing the jealous faces of drivers in the rearview mirror.

What makes up a Drag Rim?

The driving force of Drag Rims is created from their dedication to implementing the best of cutting edge material construction and forging it into a stylish design. Lightweight materials offered from alloy resources such as Aluminum offer the strength to create their over-the-top designs. Patented technologies like their self locking chromed stainless steel edges have kept them ahead of the rest and sent many competitors packing.

Drag Rims come in a variety of wheel sizes that are sure to fit your car. The need for a wheel offset is not an issue either as most rims are available with fifteen inch, sixteen inch or seventeen inch offsets. They offer designer choices of colors and finishes that are sure to make you the center of attention. From silky satin finishes to blinding polished chrome, Drag Rims offers several colors to choose from as well, namely Red, Gold, Rally Bronze, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Gun Metal, Silver and many more colors. 

Starting out we have the fifteen inch rim available in over twenty designs and bolt patterns to fit front or rear wheel power trains. Next up is the sixteen inch rim in eleven designs. The seventeen inch category features twenty seven choices and lastly the jaw dropping monster eighteen inch rim comes in an impressive twenty three styles.

You may want to act fast as Drag Rims is discontinuing eleven of its older designs and you could pick up some good deals on some handsome rims. Still want to stand out from the rest of your friends who also have Drag Rims? Then pick one of seven colors of spline drive kits. Kits are available in Aluminum, alloy and steel.

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