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A Guide to Dwarf Shrubs

A Guide to Dwarf Shrubs

Are you interested in planting some low maintenance plants in your garden which will add color and richness to the landscape? If so, you may want to consider dwarf shrubs as an option.

Once the danger of frost has passed, and the ground begins to warm, many people are probably ready to revive their gardens and flower beds. For those people with smaller gardens or plots, or for those who want to spend more time enjoying their beautiful landscape and less time pruning it, dwarf shrubs are a great addition. In this article we will talk a little bit more about dwarf shrubs, specifically what they are and why they are perfect as a low-maintenance landscaping choice, along with some of the different types of dwarf shrubs to help you make the moist informed decision for your particular garden.

What are Dwarf Shrubs?

Dwarf shrubs seldom reach more than 3 feet in height at maturity, and are sometimes confused with small shrubs which reach a maximum height of 5 feet. These ornamental wooded plants look great as the main focal point in smaller gardens and plots and are a great alternate plant for larger gardens as well.

When choosing a dwarf shrub for your garden you’ll want to make sure the plant is suited for your area. If you live in a particularly cold area, check the winter hardiness of the plant and the maintenance which will be required. Also, depending on where you live, you’ll need to consider factors such as drought resistance, rainfall, extreme heat, wind, and sunlight, as well as the soil conditions in your area before choosing the perfect dwarf shrub.

Why Dwarf Shrubs Make a Great Plant Addition

Trees and larger shrubs can be beautiful in your garden and flower beds, but they require a lot of space and constant upkeep. Dwarf shrubs on the other hand, take up very little room in your garden, and require almost no maintenance whatsoever. These mighty little plants add a wonderful richness to your landscape, with deep greens and a variety of flowering colors, and can provide an ordered structure to your garden which consistently attracts the eye.

Types of Dwarf Shrubs

Depending on the area where you live, there are hundreds of dwarf shrubs to choose from. Below are a few examples:

  • Azaleas: Dwarf Variety. Reaches 1-3 feet in height.
  • Alberta Spruce. A popular dwarf evergreen reaching a maximum of 3 feet in height.
  • Bluebeard. Reaches 2-3 feet in height with beautiful blue flowers in the summer.
  • Juniper. Evergreen reaching 1-3 feet in height.
  • Sheep laurel. Evergreen foliage with gorgeous crimson red flowers in June.
  • Sweet Fern. 1-3 feet in height. Perfect for pot and flower beds.
  • Winter Jasmine. 2-3 feet in height with beautiful yellow blooms in February and March.

If your goal this year is to create a beautiful garden of deep greens and brilliant color, and you’d rather not spend every free hour you have maintaining this space, dwarf shrubs offer an attractive and practical alternative.

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