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A Guide to Estroven Side Effects

A Guide to Estroven Side Effects

Many women are turning to a natural dietary supplement called Estroven to help them control the symptoms of hormonal imbalance that is related to perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. However, although Estroven can be quite beneficial, there are a few things that you should know about Estroven side effects.

There is a combination of vitamins E, B-12, B-6, and other B-vitamins in Estroven. There is also folic acid, Soy isoflavones, and herbs such as black cohosh. Even though these vitamins, minerals and herbs that are contained in Estroven are well below the levels considered to be toxic by the regulatory bodies, these are ingredients that some women can actually be allergic too. Therefore, even though Estroven contains all-natural ingredients, it does not necessarily mean that it is safe for every woman to take and there are many possible Estroven side effects that people should be aware of.

The purpose of Estroven is to help women who are dealing with perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause symptoms. Estroven helps alleviate the symptoms associated with these times of hormonal imbalances in a woman’s life. All of the ingredients that are used in Estroven have been proven to show that they can reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, hormone-related irritability, as well as increase a woman’s chances of having a more restful sleep. Ironically, these vary same helpful ingredients can lead to Estroven side effects that can be detrimental to some women’s health.

It is good to know that Estroven does not contain any type of prescription or chemical drug. Therefore, there are no Estroven side effects that can be blamed on the chemical makeup of Estroven. Estroven also does not contain gluten, wheat, yeast, artificial colors and dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors, or lactose.  All of these ingredients can trigger allergic reactions in many women. If you know that you are allergic to any these aforementioned ingredients, you can rest assured that you will not encounter any negative Estroven side effects should you choose to take this dietary supplement to help with your own hormonal imbalance, simply because Estroven does not contain any of those ingredients.

The only Estroven side effects that have been noted are uterine cramping and upset stomach.  The ingredient, black cohosh, is the main ingredient that causes the uterine cramping. Therefore any women that are pregnant should not take Estroven, lest they suffer sad Estroven side effects. Women that are breastfeeding or trying to conceive should also not take Estroven. Neither should teenagers, children or men take Estroven.

Estroven should be taken once a day with a meal a few hours before bed. This will help alleviate any Estroven side effects, such as upset stomach. Plus, the vitamins B and E, contained in Estroven are actually more effective when they are absorbed with food.

Estroven was first introduced on the market back in 1997 and is advertised as being a natural calming herbal blend that helps women to get a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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