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A Guide to Everglades Boats

A Guide to Everglades Boats

When it comes to great family fishing crafts, Everglades Boats is one of the biggest names around. Every model in the Everglades Boats lineup is designed with an attention to detail that makes these boats a joy to own and to use. With a great deal thought put into every aspect of creating the best family fishing boats around, Everglades Boats can promise you the fishing adventure you have been seeking.

Everglades Boats are a series of award winning inshore and shallow water fishing crafts that promise the strength and quality of a yacht along with all of the features you would expect in a top of the line fishing boat. The owners and founders of Everglades Boats, Bob and Stephen Dougherty have a long history in the boat building and design industry, and finally put their knowledge together to build the best boats in the field. In 1999 they won an award for innovation for their Edgewater model, and have continued to innovate and build better fishing boats ever since.

Today Everglades Boats have thirteen models in their lineup, including the newly released Everglades 5. The new 5 series is the top of line model for Everglades Boats and combines many years of experience as well as innovative thinking to overcome some of the challenges that building fishing boats has presented to manufacturers for many years.

Everglades Boats are available in a wide variety of sizes and luxury levels. The smallest model in the lineup comes in at 21.7 feet but packs a big punch for its size. Unlike many smaller boats in this same class, it has features like a port-a-potty and many other luxury features.

From this smallest model, the Everglades Boats lineup grows quickly, and as the size of the boats grow so does the list of features. The largest boat in the Everglades model list is the 35 foot 350EX, which is the most luxurious boat in the lineup and has an incredible amount of space with all of the features anyone could want in a fishing boat.

No matter which size or which model options you choose, you can be certain that all Everglades Boats are designed for the main purpose of fishing, and every detail is focused on that main goal. Although the boats offer plenty of other fun features including sun decks and swim platforms, the bottom line for the designers of these boats is to make fishing fun, convenient and easy. From day trips to overnight journeys, there is an Everglades Boats model that will suit everyone’s needs.

Everglades Boats are sold through a licensed dealer network and are not sold directly from the factory. You can locate a dealer by visiting the Everglades Boats website. All of the models can be customized to suit your needs and you can custom order your boat with exactly the options you want. This ensures that your boat is precisely what you want and you will be satisfied with all of the options you have selected for many years to come.

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