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A Guide to Expensive Pens

A Guide to Expensive Pens

Since man learned to write many centuries ago there have been various styles of writing instruments. The most favored eventually evolved in what we know today as the pen. However, there have since been many different styles and types of pens that have been created from really cheap pens made out of plastic to really expensive pens that are made out silver.

The advancement of pens over the years has led to the formation of the pen collection hobby. Pen enthusiasts throughout the entire world have created their own personal collection of expensive pens depicting a wide range of images and tastes. However, over time, pen collecting has become quite a competitive hobby, with more and more collectors looking to purchase expensive pens to add to their ever increasing pen collections.

On the other hand, there are so many pens in the world today that it is very hard for a pen collector to actually have a complete pen collection. The more in demand a pen is, the more costly it becomes. Take for instance one of the Omas Limited Edition Pens that are sold for a mere $16,500. These expensive pens are designed with intricate Corinthian details depicting Lysicrates’ monument on the pen’s cap, whilst the extravagant Laocoon sculpture surrounds the pen’s barrel. The entire feel of the pen is one of pure Grecian art. There is also a diamond that has been carefully set atop the end of the pen as well. These expensive pens are only limited to 50 pieces.

Expensive pens are certainly a collector’s delight, such as the La Modernista Diamonds pen. This pen was created by a master jeweler called Robert Perron for Caran d’Ache, a Swiss company, in 1999 to pay homage to Antonio Gaudi, a famous modern architect. This pen was artfully crafted with rhodium coated solid silver parts. The nib of this glorious pen is made with 18 carat rhodium coated gold. There are also 5,072 Wesselton diamonds that weigh 20 carats and 96 rubies weighing 32 carats. This fountain pen was sold at Harrods in London for $265,000; making it one of the most expensive pens in the world in 2001 according to Guinness World Records.

When looking through expensive pens to find the one that suits your collection best, be sure to look at how detailed the artwork is and remember to count exactly how many diamonds, rubies and emeralds there are. A great example of this is the Mystery Masterpiece limited edition pen that was created as part of a joint partnership between Van Cleef & Arpels and Mont Blanc. It is believed by some to be one of the most expensive pens ever to have been created with its price tag of $730,000. These collector’s pens have 840 diamonds and 20 carats of rubies, emeralds and sapphires that are set using Van Cleef & Arpels’ patented ‘Mystery Setting’ that actually hides the minute settings of each stone. These expensive pens come in three variations with only three releases each.

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