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A Guide to Fake Security Signs

A Guide to Fake Security Signs

In many cases it is merely the knowledge of the presence of security that can work as a deterrent to keep intruders out of your home or office.  Fake security signs are a great way to provide a certain level of security to your residence or office without a great deal of money spent.  Fake security signs tell potential intruders that there will either be an alarm, a guard dog, or other measures in place that they will have to face should they continue their attempt to enter the premsies.  In many cases, this will give them enough pause to make them look for an easier target.

One of the simplest fake security signs to put up is a “beware of dog” sign.  This of course works best at a home location and can be placed outside the home to warn intruders that a dog is on the premises and may be dangerous.  Many people who have dogs, even if the dog is not dangerous, use these signs.  The combination of the sign and hearing a dog bark will often scare off an intruder, who doesn’t want to find out if the dog is in fact a true guard dog.  You can obtain this type of sign at just about any home improvement or hardware stores as well as major big box retailers.  Hang several around your yard to make sure they are seen.

Another of the popular fake security signs is a sign that warns that an alarm will sound.  This tells intruders that if they move forward, they will trip an alarm and the police will be notified that there is a burglary or intrusion in process.  Beyond seeing the sign, there is often no way for the intruder to verify whether or not there is actually an alarm system on the premises, so this also acts as a strong deterrent.  Unless the intruder believes they can disarm the alarm system, they will likely look for an easier target.  These signs are usually placed on doors and in windows, and can be purchased online and in local stores.

Video monitoring fake security signs are another great way to deter intruders.  If you combaine a sign that wanrs of video monitoring with a face security camera, you have a very powerful deterrent that won’t cost you much money to set up.  A true video monitoring system is expensive, but a fake camera and a sign that says all those who approach are being videotaped is a quick, affordable, and effecttive way to prevent intruders from entering the premises.

Fake security signs are a great way to gain a feeling of safety and also provide a true mental deterrent to intruders.  Bear in mind however that they will not work on everyone, and some intruders may be willing to take the chance that the sign is fake.  If you have valuables to protect or truly feel that security is needed, you should consider investing in a true security system that will notify the police of an intrusion.

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