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A Guide to Fax Forwarding

A Guide to Fax Forwarding

Fax forwarding is a process that has been made possible by the advance of technology, taking faxing to a whole new level.  While sending a fax once required that you be standing by a fax machine feeding in one peice of paper that would then be sent and printed out on another fax machine via data transfer on a phone line, today it has taken on a whole new electronic meaning.  Fax forwarding is one of the new uses of the fax that has been made possible by the advent of the e-fax.  

E-fax, which can stand for either email or electronic fax, is the basis of fax forwarding and is required in order to make it happen.  This involves a document that is sent via email and can then be either automaticall forwarded to the fax machine or your choice or to another email address.  The original fax can either have been a physical document that was entered into a fax machine and then converted to an e-fax in order to be emailed, or it can be an electronic document right from the start.  

An e-fax and a paper fax are not mutually exclusive.  Fax forwarding can enable the sender or the recipient of a fax to have both an electronic copy of the document in question and a paper copy as well.  The fax can be sent to an email address and to an actual fax machine or printer at the same time via fax forwarding.  This lets you have immediate access to the document in your email even if you aren’t near a fax machine, and also to have a hard copy on hand for records or other uses.

Fax forwarding is a simple web-based application that can be attached to your email system.  Once in place, every time you receive an e-fax you will have the option to automatically forward the fax either to a printer you have already enabled with the technology or to another email address.  This makes it easy to quickly send the e-fax exactly where you need it to go.

Fax forwarding has taken away the need to be right by a fax machine in order to receive and deal with incoming faxes, as well as to pass along important faxes.  It is part of the increasingly mobile electronic world that is allowing people to leave the office behind and move to where they need to be.  Those who travel a lot for business or work from home frequently will find fax forwarding to be a highly useful tool to keep their business moving no matter where they are.  Fax forwarding can be done from anywhere, and especially with today’s smartphone technology providing unprecedented access to email and to the internet, fax forwarding is becoming a very popular method of dealing with faxes.

Fax forwarding applications can be downloaded, many of them for free, and easily installed and attached to your email account.  Be sure to choose a reputable software before you download or install anything.

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