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A Guide to Film Projector Rental

A Guide to Film Projector Rental

Film projector rental allows anyone who has a reel of film to view it on an as needed basis.  An individual can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by not having to purchase an actual film projector, just to watch a film that they may only need to check out once.  In this article, we’ll cover where to find a film projector rental service and how much to typically expect to pay for a fil project rental.

How A Film Projector Works

A film projector works in tandem with a reel of film.  It feeds the reel of film through the projector and over a bright bulb or lamp, which shines through the translucent film and projects the image onto a screen or flat surface. The reel is fed through at a fast rate, which then transitions the projected images rapidly and gives the appearance of moving characters and motion. 

As time goes on, most modern day films are now being recorded digitally, so film projectors will continue to be phased out of use, which is one reason that a film projector rental service is so important, to be able to watch old and obscure movies which only exist on film.

Where to Find a Film Projector Rental Service

The most popular place to find a film projector rental service is on campus at your local college or university.  Professors and teachers are constantly in need of projectors to show instructional films during lectures, so the ability to rent a film projector mandates the existence of a film projector rental service.  Calling your local college’s main information number should provide you with the information necessary to contact the film projector rental service.

Typical Film Projector Rental Rates

Rates for film project rental agreements vary greatly from place to place, and by each type of project which is being rented out.  Typically, most sixteen millimeter projectors are rented out for about $20 a day.  Thirty five millimeter film projectors cost more than double that rate, about $50 per day.  If you need additional equipment besides the film projector, that rate could go up significantly, to possibly double or triple the original cost.

Depending on your location, finding a film projector rental service can be a challenging ordeal, but knowing where to look is the first big step towards success.  A little due diligence and research can go a long way to finding a good film projector rental service in your area.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Leininger.

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