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A Guide to Graduation Centerpieces

A Guide to Graduation Centerpieces

A graduation is a major occasion in a  young person’s life, whether it be from high school or from college, or any other graduation.  When setting up a great graduation party, graduation centerpieces are an important part of the celebration.  As the main attraction on your table – other than the food, of course – graduation centerpieces draw the eye and set the mood for your party. 

You can choose from a number of different options for graduation centerpieces, from the classic to the more modern and different.  Flowers are always a great choice and a very traditional centerpiece.  Floral graduation centerpieces can be designed around the honored guest’s favorite colors, or using school colors, or any other combination you choose.  There is an incredible variety available in floral centerpieces, which makes them very popular.  Of course, they are also beautiful and fragrant as well.

If you like the look of floral centerpieces but don’t want to have to worry about fresh flowers getting damaged or wilting, you can try silk flowers instead.  Graduation centerpieces made of silk flowers make a lovely keepsake of the occasion for the graduate because this type of flower will never die and can be kept forever.

Beyond flowers, there are plenty of other graduation centerpieces you can consider.  Balloons are a popular choice because they have a celebratory feel to them and are also very affordable.  They come in a many different color combinations and can be arranged in many different sizes. They are also impervious to rain and are a good choice for anyone with an allergy to flowers.

If you want a centerpiece that is truly unique and really represents the graduate you are honoring, consider making something that will be not just a centerpiece, but a keepsake as well.  Photographs showing the graduate over the years are a great way to make the day sentimental and fun as well; everyone will have a good time looking over pictures from days gone by and seeing how the graduate has grown and changed over time.  Set them up in small frames and place them in a circular position in the middle of the table for a simple centerpiece.  To make it more complex, get three white boxes in three sizes that can be stacked.  Glue them together with the largest on the bottom and getting smaller towards the top.  Glue the photos to the sides of the box and at the very top place a framed photo of the graduate today.  These photographic graduation centerpieces are a very special way of honoring the grad.

Graduation centerpieces can be very simple or very complex.  Depending on the amount of time and money you have to put into the centerpiece, you can select from homemade crafts or professionally designed floral or balloon decorations.  Either way, making the centerpiece a beautiful and meaningful homage to a major milestone is the key.  With the right colors and personal touches, you can make sure your graduate will always remember the centerpiece at their graduation celebration.

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