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A Guide to Handicap Shower Stalls

A Guide to Handicap Shower Stalls

For those with physical disabilities, getting in and out of the shower or bath can be a challenge. Handicap shower stalls are the perfect solution to provide an accessible and comfortable way for those with special needs to complete their bathing needs.

Handicap shower stalls provide a host of accessible features. They have a low entrance so that there is no need to step over a high ledge like with a bathtub. They provide easy to reach and grip handles to support when getting in and out. They also have a convenient seat to use while bathing. The shower head in handicap shower stalls has a long hose that allows the user to pull it down and direct the spray in any direction; this means the water moves with you and you don’t have to move to it in order to rinse off.

Handicap shower stalls are available from most major bathroom renovation stores and also from some specialized stores. Depending on what you need, you might have to spend some time looking online to find precisely the right shower stall for you. A good place to start, however, is your local bathroom supply and remodeling specialist.

While they might not have the best selection of handicap shower stalls readily available, they should have access to catalogs from the manufacturers of the various types. This allows you to peruse them and get an idea of what is available. You can usually special order handicap shower stalls through these same companies to prevent having to run all over in search of the right one.

Handicap shower stalls usually come in two types: wheelchair access and non-wheelchair access. If you require wheelchair access then you will need a ramped entrance that allows you to move directly into the shower stall. Of course, a seat is also necessary and you should be able to choose from multiple sizes to accommodate you. A non-wheelchair accessible handicap shower stall will have many of the same features but does not require the ramp for access.

Most contractors who install shower stalls can also install handicap shower stalls. Find a good contractor with experience in this type of installation. There is no reason that you require a contractor with the specific experience of having installed handicap shower stalls in the past, as they are fairly similar to regular shower stalls as far as installation, but if you can find one than by all means do hire the more experienced choice.

Handicap shower stalls make life a lot easier for those with a physical limitation, be it wheelchair or difficulty with standing or walking. Having one installed in your home can be costly but it is an investment well worth the money. Bathing without assistance allows those with disabilities the same dignity that everyone should enjoy, and having the right shower stall makes that possible. Handicap shower stalls are designed to meet the needs of everyone who needs some extra support and easier accessibility in order to bathe in their own home.

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