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A Guide to Immigration Attorneys In Atlanta

A Guide to Immigration Attorneys In Atlanta

There are thousands of immigration attorneys in Atlanta which can make it hard to find the right one to handle your particular case. When selecting an immigration lawyer, it’s important to find out what areas of law they specialize in. Some immigration attorneys in Atlanta are experienced in helping resident aliens obtain citizenship while others are skilled at keeping them from being deported. Whether you need help with a visa or are concerned about criminal charges, choosing the right attorney can prove difficult in certain cases.

Tips on Choosing an Immigration Attorney

The United States immigration system is extremely complicated and there are many legal hurdles that must be overcome. There are some things to keep in mind when searching through the dozens of immigration attorneys in Atlanta and these include doing the following:

  • Ask Friends For References— Anyone that has had a positive experience with their immigration attorney is a good place to start. Talk to your family members or friends who have used the services of an attorney and experienced a good outcome.
  • What is Their Background—Most attorneys list their credentials and experience on the firm’s website. Their bio usually includes information about where they went to school and the areas of law they specialize in. This is a great way to find out if they have the necessary experience relevant to your case.
  • Attorneys Professional Organizations—The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is national non-profit organization consisting of law professors and lawyers who practice and teach immigration law to others. The AILA website makes it easy to find the right attorney with an easy to use search feature.
  • Obtain a Free Initial Consultation—Most immigration attorneys in Atlanta offer first-time clients a free initial consultation that allows the person to ask questions concerning their case. This is an excellent opportunity to find out if you actually need a lawyer and if they are the appropriate attorney to handle your case.
  • How Much Do They Charge—Some immigration attorneys in Atlanta will charge clients by the hour while other may request a retainer fee be paid up front. They will then use this retainer to bill against as they work on the client’s case. You should find out in advance how much they charge and if a deposit is required in advance.
  • Who Will Handle Your Case—Find out exactly who will be handling the details of your case and how often you will receive an update. Some law firms delegate caseloads to paralegals or legal assistants. Remember you are paying for the attorney’s time and should not be billed at a high rate if they are not personally overseeing your case.

When to Consult an Atlanta Immigration Attorney

Anyone who is facing a serious immigration issue should contact an attorney immediately for help. If you wait too long, a lawyer may not be able to provide the necessary assistance. Look for an attorney who is new and eager to take your case. They will generally work harder to achieve the best outcome.

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