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A Guide to Integra Receivers

A Guide to Integra Receivers

Anyone who loves premium home theater sound knows the Integra name. The company is known for creating top quality, world class home theater components, and the impressive line of Integra receivers are the backbone of an Integra home theater system. For audiophiles and newcomers alike, Integra offers a receiver that forms the basis for great sound quality across a wide range of applications.

Integra receivers have generally been considered to be dealer-installed products, which means they aren’t often the choice of the do it yourself home theater market. These top of the line products will function best when installed correctly by an expert, but recently the direct to consumer market has started to open up for Integra products, and more amateur audio lovers have taken on the installation of the products themselves. The price point of the Integra receivers has usually kept them in that dealer-installed market, but recent additions to the lineup have been quite competitive and are becoming more popular with those who already enjoy Integra’s sister product line, Onkyo.

Integra Receiver Models

Currently, there ten models of Integra receivers on the market, ranging from relatively basic to the most cutting edge technology available in audio and video. Depending on your needs and budget, an Integra receiver can be located to fit perfectly into your home theater setup.

If you are short on space, the DSR-4.8 Includes a DVD player built right into the receiver. The progressive scan DVD player offers all the features you would expect from a high quality component, along with the ability to use the receiver to connect to other components. The HDMI enable receiver has 2.1 channels and is a good choice for beginners and those looking to save space.

The basic DTM-5.9 receiver is one of a dying breed of stereo receivers for those who like things a little bit old school. This receiver lets you hook up such devices as turntables – not quite the antiquated device they were once thought. The resurgence of vinyl as a collector’s item as well as a popular choice for music lovers means receivers still able to handle a phono input will continue to be in demand. This receiver still offers updated features such as XM and Sirius radio capability.

From the most basic models, Integra receivers continue to add more features and more cutting edge technology as the price point get a little higher and the company’s love for world-class sound shows even more. The DTR-20.2 and 30.2 models both make the jump to 2-zone THX sound with 5.2 channels and 7.2 channels respectively. These receivers include HDMI up conversion and Audyssey EQ, as well as a host of other features.

The next level on Integra receivers are the Network receivers, which come in a wide range of models, each offering more than the last. The DTR-40.1 and 40.2 models are both 7.2 channel, 2-zone Network receivers. Network receivers can connect to your high-speed internet and allow you to listen to a wide variety of internet radio services including Pandora and Rhapsody services.

The DTR-50 series models of Integra receivers offer better quality and are 3-zone 7.2 channel receivers. With all the features of lower models, these receivers offer even more in high quality audio and video and are designed for all of today’s entertainment needs, be it music, movies or video games.

At the top of the Integra receivers line we find the DTR-70.1 and 80.1 receivers. These are 4-zone, THX Ultra2 Plus, 9.2 channel receivers and are literally top of the line – for any manufacturer. For the true audiophile, only the sophisticated technology in these receivers will do. There is almost nothing you can’t do with your home theater system with one of these receivers at the heart.

No matter which of the Integra receivers lineup you choose, you are selecting from the best. Integra’s commitment to providing the best quality in home theater means they create fans for life from the moment you first turn on your receiver and experience the Integra difference. With ten receivers in the current lineup and a long list of previous models still available in various locations, finding your Integra receiver is easy – and it will be well-worth it when you sit down to watch your next movie.

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