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A Guide to Jamaica Cruises

A Guide to Jamaica Cruises

Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean due to its friendly people, beautiful beaches and reputation as a fun and relaxing place to visit.  Jamaica cruises are becoming more and more popular as travellers opt for the relaxing combination of sruise ship travel and the chance to see Jamaica along with other ports of call.  Jamaica cruises are one of the best selling Caribbean cruises today because of the nation’s welcoming attitude towards tourists.

There are a number of Jamaica cruises that you can choose from in order to suit your budget as well as your vacation schedule.  Cruise lengths range from a few days to two weeks, and of course longer cruises will be more expensive.  Longer cruises will also include more ports of call and a longer stay in the Jamaica area. 

Most Jamaica cruises depart from Florida.  Upon arrival in Jamaica, there are two main ports where cruise ships typically dock.  One is Montego Bay, a very well known Jamaican tourist destination.  The second is Ocho Rios, famed for beautiful beaches.  Both ports of call are located on the north end of the island and are beautiful and relaxing areas of the island.  Some cruise lines also offer other ports of call on the island.

There are a number of diferent cruise lines that offer Jamaica cruises, allowing you to take your pick and shop around for the best value.  The length of the cruise is not the only factor that will determine what you can expect to pay for your trip.  One of the other factors is the type of cabin you select.  An interior cabin on the ship will cost the least, while ocean side suites are generally the most expensive.  Jamaica cruises run at all different times of the year, and you can often sace money by going in the off season.  Winter is the most popular season for Jamaica cruises as people head away from the snow and cold to warmer climates.  You can save some money by going in the late spring or even during hurricane season, although this can be a bit of a risk.

Many Jamaica cruises also stop at other ports of call throughout the Caribbean.  When booking your cruise you will be able to select the destinations you prefer to visit.  A longer cruise will offer you more opportunity to visit more places, and also feel less rushed.  Short Jamaica cruises are great for a quick getaway, but may limit the time you have in your ports of call.

Jamaica cruises can be booked in a number of different ways.  You can go through a travel agent, who can provide you with comparisons from different cruise lines and help you find the right cruise for you at a good price.  You can also use online travel sites such as Expedia or Travelocity, which allow you to do your own shopping around for a good deal on a cruise.  Of course, you can also book Jamaica cruises directly with the cruise line of your choice.

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