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A Guide to Kubota Tires

A Guide to Kubota Tires

The Kubota Corporation was established more than one hundred years ago in Japan and now operates more than one thousand dealerships in America as well as four large warehouses.

Kubota tractors and tractor parts have been known for their durability for decades, but today Kubota is also a leader in environmentally responsible farm equipment. The Kubota Corporation recently received the “Sankei Newspaper Award” for excellence in the pursuit of environmental protection.

Types of Kubota Tires

Kubota manufactures three major types of Kubota tires. The type of Kubota tires you should buy depends on the surface you will be driving them on. Turf tires are smoother and made specifically to drive on grass, with thinner and smaller tire grooves that prevent damage to your lawn and sod.

Mud tires, on the other hand, have larger grooves with a criss-crossed design that move well through mud and water. These help the Kubota tires find traction and grip the ground in order to move forward and stay safe and operational.

All-terrain Kubota tires are a cross between the grass and mud tires. These have larger grooves than grass tires but smaller grooves than mud tires. All-terrain Kubota tires can drive on grass without destroying it while at the same time work effectively in a muddy environment.

Support For Your Kubota Tires

Kubota’s strong presence online and in the US means that an owner of Kubota tires will have top-notch support and maintenance for their Kubota tires. For more information on Kubota tires, you can also visit their website, which provides information about Kubota tires and other products as well as locations for dealerships, product listings and company information.

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