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A Guide to Laminate Sheets

A Guide to Laminate Sheets

Laminate sheets are an affordable and attractive way to give your kitchen or bathroom a makeover and instantly improve the look of your home.  With today’s laminate sheets you can choose just about any look you want – from a fauz wood finish to a reasonable approximation of the look of granite counters – all for a fraction of the price of those materials.  Laminate sheets can be cut to any size and can be used in just about any kitchen or bathroom – or even for a bar top.

There are a number of companies that sell laminate sheets.  Most of them are the same big names that you would see in the laminate countertop industry.  The same high quality laminate can be purchased in a sheet format and cut and fitted to your particular needs.  You can find laminate sheets in all of the many patterns and colors that the pre-fabricated laminate counters come in, giving you a wide variety to choose from.  Just about any home improvement store will carry laminate sheets, but if you are having trouble finding what you want locally, you can find great deals on laminate sheets on the internet from direct sources as well as major retailers.

Laminate sheets can be used directly over existing laminate countertops, making them a quick and easy alternative to replacing the counters altogether.  If you have chips, scratches and holes in your existing laminate counters, you can quickly cover it all up and create a while new look by applying laminate sheets right over the top.  For most people, installed new laminate is a fairly simple do it yourself project.  You may need to rent the right tool for cutting the laminate though, if you don’t have one.  You will want to measure everything very carefully and be certain that your joints are going to match up before you install the laminate.  It’s almost impossible repair errors once the laminate is in place.

Laminate sheets come in different sizes, so you should look for the biggest size that you can to allow room to make your cuts.  You will want to avoid having to use more than one sheet on a surface as it will leave a joint line on the surface.  Be sure to include edging and backsplashes in your measurements so you know exactly how much laminate you will need.  Your local home improvement store can help you out with getting all of the tools and accessories you need to do the job.

Laminate sheets are easy to work with and result in a beautiful finish that is durable, easy to clean, and will really improve the look of your home.  When you need to do a quick remodelling job on a tight budget, they are an excellent choice.  Today’s laminate looks much better than the old classic Formica, and you can achieve the much more expensive look fo solid surface counters without spending the extra cash.  For any do it yourself kind of person, installing laminate sheets is a great way to spruce up those counters.

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