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A Guide to Laptops Under $200

A Guide to Laptops Under $200

Although it was once impossible to buy a laptop for a reasonable price, today they have become much more affordable and it is possible to find laptops under $200 for purchase.  Although you certainly won’t get all the bells and whistles at this price point, you can purchase a laptop that will do all of the basic jobs you need a computer to do.  Laptops under $200 are perfect for students who are on a budget, as a first computer for a child, or even as a backup around the house.

Most of the laptops under $200 will be what are usually referred to as mini laptops.  They are also known as netbooks, mini-notebooks, and somethings just minis.  Although finding an affordable laptop once meant going with an off brand, there are now plenty of laptops under $200 sold by the major manufacturers such as Dell.  This means that you can select a well known laptop brand with agood warranty and reputation within your budget.

One of the important things to not about laptops under $200 is that you will often see a particular laptop with a great low price and the small print saying “starting at” next to that price.  That means that you will not necessarily get the laptop that is pictured in the advertisement for that price.  Usually the lowest price listed will be the base model of the laptop and in order to get some of the upgraded features you will have to pay more.

Laptops under $200 will usually have a small screen size around the twelve inch mark, sometimes smaller, although there are a few on the market that offer a screen size that is a little bigger.  You will often find that some of the laptops with a price tag under the $200 mark will be refurbished models.  This means that there was a problem with the unit as it was orginally sold and it has been repaired by the manufacturer.  A refurbished laptop sells for a lower price, but unlike buying a used laptop, you will have a warranty on the work from the manufacturer.

Of course, if you do need more from your laptop in terms of performance, used laptops might be the way to go. You can purchase used laptops under $200 from places like eBay and craigslist, and get great bargains on much higher end machines with a lot more power and features.  As mentioned, however, there is no warranty on used laptops. Anything used is sold as is, which means that once the transaction is complete, the previous owner has no obligations, unless they purposely misrepresented the item.  Most people selling a laptop are doing so because they are upgrading, and odds are good that you won’t get a lemon.

There are more laptops under $200 available today than ever before, and laptops are becoming much more affordable to people who once thought they could never own one.  With options like mini laptops, refurbished models and even the wealth of used laptops out there, you can certainly get a laptop that does the job for you within your budget.

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