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A Guide to Laser Engraved Dog Tags

A Guide to Laser Engraved Dog Tags

No longer just an integral part of every military uniform, dog tags have become a fashion statement all of their own. They are now readily available in a variety of styles and designs ranging from embossed dog tags to laser engraved dog tags. These types of dog tags serve many functional purposes such as for identity, alerting people to the medical condition of the wearer, and as promotional materials.

Laser engraved dog tags can be custom made to include the logo or slogan of companies and other businesses wishing to promote themselves. They can be quickly and easily made up in very large quantities to be used as promotional giveaways. Since there is such a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, laser engraved dog tags can easily be customized for any type of event, trade show or festival.

Most laser engraved dog tags are available with either a flat edge or a rolled up top edge that mimic the exact design specification of U.S. military dog tags. Available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum and brass, these laser engraved dog tags are usually either fitted with a neck chain or a split ring to be used as part of a key chain. There are even some fancier laser engraved dog tags that are designed to work double duty as handy bottle openers.

Depending on the company you purchase your dog tags from, most laser engraved dog tags can accommodate up to 5 lines of text with at least 15 characters per line. This is plenty of space to either promote your business or to simply have your favorite quote engraved. However, laser engraved dog tags also make great gifts due to the ease in which they can be personalized. Laser engraved dog tags can contain words and images on both sides of the tag. Even though most fashion dog tags are made out of anodized aluminum, there are still quite a few color choices to choose from, such as black, silver, gold, red, blue, and green.

The term ‘laser’ actually stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This is a simple process that causes a permanent stain that is also scratch resistant, especially when applied to aluminum.  This ultimately means that laser engraved dog tags will be able to maintain their engraved contents for many, many years, if not forever. Since the engraving doesn’t scratch off either, laser engraved dog tags are far superior to other types of dog tags.

When an aluminum dog tag is laser engraved, the laser actually removes the colored anodized coating on the dog tag to reveal the raw aluminum underneath. In addition, the actual process of anodization works to create a very durable coating on the metal itself which is usually a different color. This helps to protect the surface of the dog tag from becoming weathered overtime.

There are many online engraving stores from which you can order laser engraved dog tags.

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