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A Guide to Letter Stamps

A Guide to Letter Stamps

Crafters have long used stamps to decorate hand crafted items, and a whole subset of hobbyists focus entirely on stamping, using stamps to make cards, name tags, decorations, centerpieces, and thousands of other items. For a slick look in lettering, letter stamps can be used to make words that are beautiful, modern, classic, trendy, funny, or many other possibilities.

You can find all sorts of sets for letter stamps on the market, often coming with numerical stamps as well. These sets are made to give you flexibility and freedom, with each letter on its own stamp, allowing you to make any word you desire. These often come with a case to hold your stamps in order when you are not using them, keeping your workspace tidy and efficient.

Because the letters are not attached to each other, you will have to use a ruler or guideline to make sure that your letters line up and are not crooked. You can mark off the paper or use another piece of paper over the project to help you line things up and keep your lettering even. This helps maintain the professional, neat look that you want in your project. Of course, if you are going for a less structured, more care free look, you can easily use these free hand letters to make a crooked, uneven print, giving your project a whimsical touch.

Also, these sets of letter stamps tend to have a larger variety of font styles, allowing you to find a font with a romantic flourish or a child-like tilt. You can find letter stamps that look like typewriting or letter stamps that look almost like handwriting. These separated letter stamps have a broad variety of styles available to you.

If you need to make multiple copies of the same words, you might consider a self inking hand stamper. These devices allow you to set your letters in place on the stamping surface, then grasp the handle and push down on the surface you are stamping, leaving behind a clear, distinctly inked stamp of your words. This is handy for stamping envelopes, making multiple cards for sale, or many other uses.

Rib-type stamps make it easy to keep your lettering evenly spaced and lined up. The letter stamps are made with bumps on the back that line up with indents (like ribs) in the stamp base. These can be simple wooden bases, rollers, or virtually any other type of base. These letter stamps are easy to keep in line because you line up each letter on the stamp before you stamp the word, allowing you to ensure that every letter is even before you ever put ink on the paper.

With rib-type letter stamps, you can order stamps that have words or phrases already made on the stamp, or series of numbers or logos. These letter stamps can be found in normal, bold, or bold condensed, though the specific fonts and style choices of these letter stamps tend to be limited.

When choosing letter stamps for your project, you can easily find a broad variety on the internet or at local craft stores, making sure that you get the style and type that you need.

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