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A Guide to Metamucil Side Effects

A Guide to Metamucil Side Effects

If you’re experiencing a deficiency in fiber or the need for a laxative, many people want a trusted name brand if they’re going to choose an over the counter option. That is why so many people choose Metamucil. It has been around since 1934, and ever since that debut, it has evolved into many different varieties. It can be purchased as a powdered drink, wafers, or capsules.

Whatever method of intake you prefer, the flavors vary accordingly. The most common flavors are pink lemonade, orange, and berry. If you’re interested in the wafer variety, they have produced chocolate, cinnamon, and apple options.

Before you rush out and purchase your first Metamucil product, however, be sure to do plenty of research. Find out if there are any Metamucil side effects that would deter you from using the product.

Overall, Metamucil side effects have been shown to be nonexistent in many patients and minimal in those where side effects do occur. Still, negative effects are reported in some cases.

The most commonly cited of these Metamucil side effects are feelings of abdominal fullness and minor bloating. While these symptoms are sure to be uncomfortable, they are the symptoms demarcated as minor and most common.

More severe Metamucil side effects include issues such as allergic reactions. The scope of the reaction will, of course, vary with the individual. This means it can manifest in many different ways. For one person, it may entail a rash or hives. For another, it might be something as serious as difficulty breathing or severe facial swelling. For others still, it could be experiencing chest tightness.

All of these symptoms could be accompanied by other side effects such as general chest pain, difficulty breathing, or difficulty swallowing. In some rare cases, people have also cited vomiting.

No matter if your negative reaction to Metamucil is minor or severe, you may want to consider consulting a doctor. This is especially true if the reaction is severe and you are experiencing any kind of pain or limited ability to breathe. These may indicate a serious reaction to the Metamucil product that will require further medical assistance.

And remember, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before using any new medications or products. Even if the item is over the counter, there is always the possibility that you will have an unforeseeable reaction. Although Metamucil side effects have been shown to be both minimal and not severe in most people, it would still be wise to keep your doctor informed of its addition into your diet.

This holds true for whatever form you’re considering taking. Whether it’s powder to be mixed into a drink, a wafer, or a capsule, all of these potential side effects hold true. Let your doctor know, however, which form you’re planning to start taking. The more information your doctor has, the better he or she can treat you on the off chance something bad does happen and you experience a severe reaction to the product.

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